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    I am hoping that forum readers could recommend a home theater setup that is very good quality and priced $2000 to $3500. This includes speakers, sub and receiver. I currently have a Denon 1400 with Mission speakers (700 series) as well as an Energy powered sub. I am happy with the subwoofer, but would like higher quality speakers as well as a better receiver. I can upgrade over time if budget requires it. (maybe Dynaudio is just too good to pass up even if it eats up my money). I'm pretty much a beginner and not sure I'm capable of DIY. I'd much appreciate your thoughts and recommendations.

    PS What is the best way to sell old home theater hardware for a reasonable price?
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    Jul 19, 2002
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    your going to get a lot of suggestions based on what people own, therefore expect a lot of bias.
    w/ that in mind, i can very highly recommend The Rocket speakers for several reasons
    • they are easy to drive. a big plus for me as i have to upgrade my reciever, but don't want to sink a ton of money into one, nor do i want seperates at this time, etc.
    • i trying out their bookself models right now (rs250).
    if your set up is skewed primarily to HT (say about 80/20 , HT/music) i can tell you this will be absolutely one of the best deals you will see. they are dynamic, have good slam even without the use of a sub, and can easily fill a large room with quality sound.
    • easy to place. exact placement doesn't seem to be as much of an issue with these as with so many other speakers i've heard. yes, they need to be calibrated to your room, but if you are very limited in you placement options (like me) you'll find it pretty easy to still get a very good soundstage out of them.
    • the center is a crucial area that many otherwise great speaker packages get tripped up in. The rocket (200) is a full range affair w/ tweeter, mid range, and 2 woofer drivers. you will easily see some that are almost as good, and maybe a couple that are as good, but for $600 (less w/ a package deal) you won't find any better. i heard a $1400 Thiel center the other day and found it lacking compared to this one.
    used together the 250s and 200 center present a front soundstage that is extremely consistent and full. panning effects are excellant and the speakers are perfectly timbre matched.
    i don't have room in the back for a true 5 timbre matched set-up, but the cheap satelites i'm using seem to mate remarkably well (another plus for me).
    this is all being used with a $400 open boxed Onkyo 600 reciever.
    both the reciever and 250s are going back. the Onkyo sounds a little harsh to me and i think i'll try either an H/K or Denon next time.
    the 250s are going back because now that i now these speakers have the quality and value as advertised, i want to step up a full range floorstander for more music listening.
    if i was still 90% HT, i would keep the 250s without a lot of thought.
    for pure HT, i've heard a lot of stuff that would work in a pinch, and maybe in the end cost a couple hundred $ less than the rocket system.
    but when i take into account the value of the entire package( ease of placement, power needs, quality of construction, versatility) they would still be the ones i would choose.
    and as said above, you can walk into any Circuit City or Best Buy (i.e. non-audiophile hangout) and find a reciever under $600 that will work just fine.
    i can only assume more expensive, cleaner powered gear will just sound that much better.
    here's the website if your interested:
    as always, reviews and suggestions are a good starting point, but you have to invest time & money into actually hearing speakers. you may find yourself quite surprised over what you qualities you like and don't.
    i know i did.

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