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    Can someone recommend a home theater reciever for $500 or less? I need it to be able to have inputs for a TV, VCR DVD (composite), Laser, cassette deck, and turntable. I want it to decode DTS and Dolby Pro Logic.
    Currently I am looking at the Yamaha HTR5460
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    There have been several very recent posts asking about budget setups. You may want to check them out. I'd start off with two receivers highly recommended on this forum: the Outlaw 1050 and the Onkyo 595. They are both around the $400-$500 price range, maybe cheaper for the Onkyo. The difference between them boils down to Outlaw has a 6-channel mode (center rear channel) and the Onkyo has Dolby Pro Logic II.
    check out for great reviews on these two products.
    Another receiver that should be good is the Denon 1802 which is similar to the Onkyo in specs. It's brand new so there aren't that many reviews of it.
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