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HT newbie with a few questions (2 Viewers)


Nov 18, 2008
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I could use some HT advice.....

I have purchased a 50" Pioneer Kuro 5020FD Plasma and am looking for a nice tilt and swivel mount. I like the looks and all of the LAM50 mount found here:
MountsMadeSIMPLE.com... TV Wall brackets, simplified LCD and Plasma mounts that are universal and cost efficient

They are offering it for $299. Does anyone know if this is a good mount and does anyone have any other suggestions?

Along with the Kuro Plasma, I have bought the following, which will all be installed in a family room (not a dedicated HT room):
Polk LC265i in-wall speakers for L&R
Polk LCiC in-wall speaker for center
Polk LC80i in-ceiling speakers for rear
Sony-STR-DA4400ES HT Receiver (6 HDMI in)
Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-Ray player

I did get a Klipsch KL-7800-THX in-wall speaker, but I couldn't find a match at a decent price. I was going to have them as the L&R, but I think it may be overkill, so I went with the Polks instead, which match the center and rears.

I now need to buy the cables for this set up: speaker and HDMI. Does anyone have suggestions on where to buy the cables (I am thinking of monoprice.com) and I really don't know which kind of speaker wires to get, so any suggestions on that would be appreciated.

I also have probably a very stupid question..... when I choose an instaler to mount the Plasma to the wall, of course I will want all cables concealed, but how do they conceal the power cable of the Plasma. Do I need an electrician to come out and do something ahead of time? Also, do you install some kind of surge protection for the Plasma in the wall?...... I'm sure these are good questions for the installer, but I'm hoping some light can be shed on this all from this great forum.

One other question for you all..... does anyone know of a good installer in the Washington, DC metro area?

I'm sorry for all the questions, but I'm a little overwhelmed with it all. I bought the Plasma first and didn't realize the planning involved in all of it......

Thanks a lot.


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Oct 5, 2000
Monoprice also carries wall mount brackets for much less than the the $299/349 unit you linked to. Lots of good reviews. I went with a mount from Parts-Express for my parents due to Monoprice being out of stock at the time I needed it.

For cables and speaker wire, I haven't found anyone that beats Monoprice. For in wall use, you'll need CL2 or CL3 in wall rated wire and cable. 16 gauge is ok, 14 gauge is better for longer runs of speaker cable.

Technically, I've read it's against code to fish a regular extension/power cord through the wall. The 100% correct way is for your installer to install an electrical outlet in the wall behind the TV.

Just an unsolicited opinion, but given the price of the rest of your equipment, looking for online deals on mounts and cables seems a bit inconsistent.



Nov 18, 2008
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Hi Brent,

Thanks for the response.

That is good to know about the power cord and will help when looking for an installer.

I wasn't sure about the mounts at monoprice compared with the one I linked to. The one I linked to looked stronger than the others I have seen and it looked like it collapsed really well (thin) against the wall. I want one that swivels as much as it can.

As for looking online for deals, that's what I did for everything thus far. After I decided on the piece, I looked online for the best deal I could find and I'm very happy with everything so far, although none of it's installed yet.


Dec 3, 2008
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Paraden Nakaneer
I too purchased a Pioneer plasma (Pro-111FD). My installation is different but check out Sanus.com. Good luck.

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