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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Bernard Davis Jr, Sep 25, 2003.

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    OK I need everyone's opinion on my HT/media room layout. I say HT/Media room because the room will also serve as an entertainment room, for parties, sporting events, kids sleepovers etc. Right now I'm stuck between maximizing seating for HT use, or trying to fit as many activities in the room as possible. Currently I have bar that can seat 3-4, a poker table that seats 4, a sofa, love seat and 2 chairs. Additionally with remaining open flr space I can seat another 4 people. Although I'm not a huge pool player, i am considering squeezing in a pool table or air hockey table, with the emphasis on the word "squeezing". I'm afraid that this arrangement would cramp the room to much though. On the flip side, in terms of seating for HT 90% of the time the only people that will be watching movies range between only me, to me and my wife, to the whole family (4 total), so as long as I have 4 permanent, comfortable seats, I'm happy. In either case I'm torn so I have attached a link to 4 different layouts that I've done in Visio. The overall room size is 27' Long X 14 Wide at the bar end, and 12' Wide at the opposite end and the drawings are to scale. Although I have space from adjacent rooms that I could steal space from, I am not looking to do that, at least not any time soon. Please click in the link below to see the 4 images and tell me which one you would choose and why.

    P.S in case it helps,I am currently using the following equipment:

    2 old Infocus 580 LCD projectors that I got for free from work
    84" diagonal DIY 4:3 screen. (30% of viewing content is 4:3)
    Phillips 36" Direct View TV
    Denon 1800 DD 5.1 receiver
    HTPC for DVD, Mp3, DIVX, Etc.

    Eventually will be changing to a projector that can accommodate HDTV, adding a 16:9 screen and probably a 7.1 DD audio setup
    Dishnetwork DD satellite Receiver.

    Thanks in advance

    I've added another layout where I mount the projector to the ceiling, remove the main table and replace it with smaller tables in between the 3 chairs so sit drinks, snacks, etc.
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    Link is not working!

    It's best to draw the layout on a program then post it here!


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