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    I am looking at the HT packages for just speakers offered at places like BB and CC. I have a pair of Bose bookshelves that I am happy with but am lacking the true surround performance with my capable receiver. I need to retain the decent sound I get from my receiver and CD player for music with when not watching a flick. Some of these low end 6 package speaker deals scare me.

    Will some of these 5 speaker package kits satisfy my taste for decent sounding music from my receiver or does the prase you get what you pay for apply here? Seems like the next jump might be some of these 3 speaker kits from Sony or Pioneer where you can by the sub and satellites to fill in the rest.

    Looking for some thoughts. I have a place to use the Bose pair if I buy an entire kit and money is somewhat of an issue so I'm looking for value for my money.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    "You get what you pay for" seems to apply to the great majority of audio/video equipment. There are some noticable exceptions, though.

    If you are looking for "just speaker" packages, I'm sure that many forum members will be able to suggest specialty brands.

    However, if you are looking to buy a bargain set, I'd recommend the Onkyo SKSHT-500, which is available at Circuit City for $250-299 or so. Based on the quality I feel these speakers offer, I would have been happy if I'd paid more (I got these on sale for $199; I would have been satisfied if I'd paid twice that). In my humble opinion, they're a great value.

    The speakers in the set are large (if size is an issue, you may have trouble w/these), but they are built well and provide a very good sound for the price. The speakers within this set are also more expensive if purchased separately - the 150-watt subwoofer that comes with the set goes for $150-199 on its own, for example.

    A lot of Circuit City stores seem to have this set hooked up to the reciever they usually come with (the Onkyo 500), so you might be able to take a listen, although store environments aren't the best places to listen.

    The CNET review is at the link below:
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    Mirage makes a good set of surround speakers, their AVS line. I've seen the 5 speaker set go for under $200 on E-bay, under $300 with a Mirage powered subwoofer. Check out this soundtronics article for some info.

    I have had this set of speakers for about two years now and am quite pleased with them.

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    What is your budget?

    In any case, if you want better than the really cheap HTiB (some of which are good for the money but not "good" outright), go for a solid entry-level receiver, maybe a couple hundred bucks and nicer speakers all around. I always suggest Paradigm, and the more speakers I listen to from them, the more I am convinced that they are quite easily some of, if not the best value out there in speakers. The performance series shouldn't break the bank, and will be way superior than the Bose. Bose is not rgarded very highly here, and I would actually associate them more with those cheapo entry HTiB. Just go listen to some Paradigms and it's competition in 2-channel, and you'll see what I mean.

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