HT Gurus! Need advice on Speakers.

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    Hi Guys!

    First time reading this forum. Glad I found it.

    I need some help/advice w/ my new home theater.

    My room is 22 X 22 w/ vaulted ceilings and an opening to the kitchen, and two hallways. The main area is carpeted but the high traffic areas use tile.

    The room creates a large echo effect because of the room and hallways. More on this latter.


    I have decided on a Pioneer VSX-49TXi Receiver. I was originally going to go for the Denon 5803 but the MCAA feature of the Pioneer is a big bonus and something I may need to control the nasty echo in my room.


    Naturally I have chosen the DV-47Ai as DVD/CD/SACD player. I am worried about it having the "chroma bug" however there does not seem to be many other options.


    I have decided on a SVS 20-39 PCI subwoofer. Seems to be my best option and most bang for the buck.


    Speakers present the problem. I listen to 60/40 stereo/home theater. I can't decide wither to go with a full range speaker for fronts of a book shelf speaker. Price is an issue and I would love to get by with bookshelf speakers due to cost. My understanding is that I will be crossing over the speakers at 80 mhz so anything below this would be a waste. Am I correct? If the bookshelf speakers I choose go down to 80 comfortably why buy full range fronts? What happens on Stereo listening? If I use the direct listening function of the Pioneer will the subwoofer still be active? Can you play in "Direct" mode while still using a subwoofer?

    Basically, to sum things up, do I need floor standing speakers or can I get by with bookshelf speakers?

    I will be auditioning the following systems:

    Monitor Audio Siver S2 for Front/Rears and a Silver S-LCR for a center channel.

    Polk Audio LSi9's for Front/Rears and a LSiC center channel

    Infinity Kappa 200s for front/rears and a kappa center.

    Though I haven't heard the speakers yet I am worried about the Monitor Silvers being to bright and I have heard the the Kappas are really dull sounding (go figure).

    Any feedback/recommendations on to which speaker package you would choose, and why?

    Thanks so much for your help! I'd really like to figure out if I need to go w/ floor standing speakers at this point.

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