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Oct 15, 2004
I'm setting up my first HT and would love to get some feedback on what you feel is a good % breakdown on how to budget my money (Not including a TV). A post by Adam_S in the Primer for Newcomers suggest:
Speakers: 60%
a: center, mains, and surrounds - 30% (I bought the JBL NSP1 so I didn't break up those three, some more knowledgeable than me may offer a different or better budget that is more detailed)
b: subwoofer - 30%
Receiver: 30%
Wiring and Accessories: 10%

Does this seem right?

My budget is $1,700 and I just ordered my SVS PD10-ISD today ($430)! I plan on getting a Pioneer 1014 for about $450. So I seem to be on target with this breakdown but I don't want any one area to overpower the other (ie SVS sub blowing away the Polk in-walls I plan on getting RC65i/RC60i for about $340)

John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
Sounds like a good plan.

I'm not one that subscribes to any sort of percentages cost wise. There is no formula that will give 100% success on beinbg happy with any given system is all.

Best thing is if your unsure, make sure where you purchase has a generous return policy and if your not happy with something in particular you purchased take it back and try something else in it's place.

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
Any questions about locating the JBLs should be asked in the Speakers/Subs area. Please restrict this conversation toward budgeting a system. Thanks.


Jan 16, 2005
Sounds about right. :emoji_thumbsup:

I'm going to spend around $850 on speakers, $400 on reciever, and $400 on a subwoofer. (7 Ascend HTM-200s, a Pioneer 1014tx, and a basement-mounted Infinite Baffle subwoofer. It should sound pretty good.

I wasn't aiming for any specific percentages, just trying to get the best home theater for the money.

I'm hoping it sounds as good or better than the $2000 B-O-S-E system my inlaws have, and cost less.

Gotta love all the great ideas on these forums! :D

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
i'll third john's proposal. :)

i tend to think of it a little differently. for me, it's about longevity vs. technology.

prime example is speakers. for the most part, they haven't changed much in the past 50 years. you still have a driver, in a box, that creates sound. so, i'm willing to spend more money to get speakers that i like, since i'm banking on keeping them for quite a while. i know people who still use the same speakers they've had for 10...even 15 years. heck, even my polks are about seven years old. bottom line, i'm willing to spend more here cuz i know i'm gonna keep them.

electronics change a little more. right now, with hd dvd players, new connections (hdmi/dvi), etc -- you'll see the gear change more. so, i'm not willing to spend quite as much...on the assumption that something new will come out shortly.

cables are a whole different story. you can break the bank with these things. my recommendation is to buy some decent quality (but not outrageously expensive) cables. don't use the cheap ones that come in the box. after all, there's a reason they're free.

anyway you look at it, pioneer/svs/polk is a good combo...i'm pretty sure you'll be happy.

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