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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Bob_Campbell, Feb 15, 2004.

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    Hi I sent my room dimentions and price range to Hsu, and he told me a stf-3 would work great in the corner. I don't know much about the stf-3. Can someone please explain the differences between the vtf and the stf line for me.

    here is what i sent Hsu:

    Budget : $ 650
    Listening Preference : 5 % music
    System Controller : Receiver with Surround Sound.
    System Controller Model : denon 1804
    DVD : denon 3800
    CD :
    Turntable/cartridge :
    VCR :
    Other : panny dmr 80
    Other : xbox
    Front Speakers: ascend 170 or jbl lx600
    Amplifier for Front Speakers:
    Other Speakers: ascend surround
    Other Subwoofers:
    Subwoofer Amp:

    Room Length: 22
    Room Width: 16
    Room Height: 9
    Listener Facing Wall: d
    Distance of Wall Behind Listener: 9 ft.
    Type of Seat: Sofa.


  2. CurtisSC

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    The major difference in the STF-3 and VTF-3MK2 is the ability to "tune" the subwoofer for either maximum extension or maximum output.

    The VTF-3MK2 can be tuned to max ext and have great output down to 16hz. In max output, you lose some of that output below 20hz, for more output about 25hz.

    The STF-3 is essentially a VTF-3MK2 in max output mode. The first run of STF-3's were in max extension mode(my preference), not sure if they have any more of those.
  3. Steve Griswold

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    What Curtis said, plus the MK2 has a beefed up amplifier. I have an MK2 in my 1600 cubic foot room, and if I turn the gain up to more than 20% the SPL is enough to cause worry that my house may collapse upon itself.

    If your budget can afford the luxury, I'd recommend the MK2, simply because the current $699 price on it (if the pre-sale is still going) is a sheer bargain considering the free shipping puts it at only $50 more than the STF-3, anyway.

    When I first set it up, I almost was ready to return it because it was "too big." It scared me, frankly. But now that it's comfortably blended in next to the couch as an end table and calibrated properly, it sounds fantastic and I know I'll have plenty of headroom to last me a while unless I move into an abandoned warehouse.

    edit: THere's also something to be said about the extreme low-end frequencies that the MK2 has in spades. It's one thing to be wowed by the Hsu's reproduction of 25-40hz signals, which it does with aplomb, but when it gives you that clean bass AND manages to make you feel sound waves where you've never felt them, it's really extraordinary.

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