Hsu VTF-3 Out!!!!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Frank Frandsen, Jan 15, 2002.

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    Saw this ad on Audiogon. Nothing on Hsu Web site yet but looks like a great value:

    Super efficient and very fast 12" dual-ported sub powered by 250 watt amp with built-in low pass only crossover. 0/180 degree phase control

    Variable Tuning Frequency - you can optimize it for low bass extension or for maximum output

    Designed to fit under most coffee/end tables or in entertainment centers, or used as an end table

    Large flared ports with enormous flares virtually eliminate port noise and distortion

    Best value for you money, even better value than all our previous models

    Magnetically shielded for close placement to TVs or Computer Monitors

    Beautiful black finish with rounded edges and corners

    Woofer has rubber surround and poly-cotton spider for ultimate reliability

    Ideal for home theater or music application, especially with Dolby Digital and DTS

    Frequency response (Max extension mode): 18 Hz +/- 2dB, OR (Max output mode): 22 Hz; Crossover frequency range: 30 - 90 Hz; Crossover slope: 24 dB/Octave; Crossover type: low pass only; 20"(h) x 15"(w) x 22"(d); Shipping Weight: approximately 85 lbs; Finish: Black; Power Requirements: 375W; 5-year limiter warranty on subwoofer, 1-year on electronics; brand new in sealed box from authorized HSU dealer.

    MSRP: $849.

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    Looks good!
    BTW, when I saw the title of the post, I sort of thought that you had already bought one, and then decided it wasn't working for you.
    You know, "Bell bottoms are Out!!"
    Oooh: I'd rather see a variable phase control knob...

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