Hsu vtf-2 or 3 for my room?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Bob_Campbell, Feb 14, 2004.

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    Hi all, and thanks to all who reply,

    I am about ready to purchase the ascend 5.1 setup.

    I currenty have a denon 1804 avr, denon 3800 dvd, toshiba 46h83, and two jbl lx600's.

    My main question is what sub is best for my size room?

    My setup is in a room size of 22' x 16'. Also keep in mind that im in an apartment building so rumbling is a factor. Also, obvisouly my couch is in the middle of the room so any suggestions on the placement of the sub would be a great help.

    Thanks to all,

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    My room is about 20x19 with high vaulted celings, and the VTF-2 has no problem vibrating all of it, with it at just 30% gain. My couch is in the middle of the room as well, and I get a bit of a null on one end. Corner is always the place to start for placement, but you can try the old put it where you sit and wander around the room to see where a good spot may be. If you aren't looking for high SPL or very low extension, and aren't planning on moving into a house soon, the VTF-2 is probably enough. If the plan is to move, I might opt for the VTF-3 and just keep it turned down.

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