Hsu VTF-2 and JBL S26

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  1. Jesse Blacklow

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    Oct 14, 2002
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    Well, I got a VTF-2 today, and I'd have to say I'm impressed. Wait, I think I might be understating myself a little bit. As Snoop Dogg would say, this sub is the shiznittle!

    My BIC 1010R and CSW Basscube 8 are distant memories. Bass was nothing before this. No, I mean it! In my household, there was nothing that could qualify as bass when compared to this. For the first time since the theater, I felt Sauron's demise, and the lightsabers in AOTC turned my chair into a massager. Even the more subtle effects in movies like Reanimator and Ocean's Eleven make the sub hum enough to rattle some windows.

    Of course, now that I have the sub, I had to recalibrate. Now that I have greater bass extension (higher and lower), I'm noticing some problems with one of my JBL S26s. I didn't notice this before, but the right speaker drops off dramatically before the 80hz crossover. In fact, it drops off at ~110! Listening to the speaker test tones in Avia never really brought anything out, but I didn't test the sub tones until now. The other speaker doesn't crossover until the proper point, so it's something with just that speaker. Any ideas?
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    Switch speakers to verify whether it's the speakers or not.

    Possible results after switching speakers:

    1) No change - might be the electronics.

    2) Switched speakers crosses over correctly, then the other speaker is defective / damaged, contact JBL Customer Serice for you options of repair.

    NOTE: The JBL S26 built-in x-over = 2 kHz, so your 6" woofer might be the problem.

    Hope this helps,

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