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HSU STF-2 or SVS PB10-ISD? (1 Viewer)

Jefe Noche

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 5, 2002
I am going to choose one to go with my Athena speakers (AS-B2, AS-C1, AS-R1).

I am about 50/50 music and movies.

My room is 17 X 14.

The subs are the same price.

The major differences (on paper) seem to be that the SVS amp is more powerful (300 Watts) and that the HSU is downward firing. Also the SVS is 60 lbs. vs 44 lbs. for the HSU.

I am sure that I would be pleased with either (upgrading from a Klipsch RW-8), but which one do you all think would be best?


Second Unit
Apr 11, 2004
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My room is similar in size to yours (19x11) and I own an STF-2. I paid $350 for it at CompUSA about 4 months back, I am not sure if they still have it for this price anymore though, and I was upgrading from a Sony SA-WM40. Anyway I think it is a great sub, it plays cleanly to just below 25Hz, it is very tight and not at all boomy, it is very accurate, defined and musical, it blends in very nice with the rest of my setup and does not call attention to itself, and it is overall very powerful and strong. I am sure you have read Ed’s review on it by now, if not you should defiantly check that out. As much as I like my STF-2, if the PB10 can live up to the specs and still sound good (I don’t care if a sub can go down to 20Hz if it is not overall a “clean” sounding sub, but it is an SVS so it should sound good) I think that it will be better than the STF-2, and I am slightly mad that I did not wait for SVS to come out with this sub and then decided between it and the STF-2. Either sub will be a great choice and a great improvement over what you have. I would say wait and see what people think about the PB10, but I believe that SVS will be raising the price once all of the pre-orders are filled.


Jun 2, 2001

Indeed we might have to bump up prices on the PB10-ISD a bit once pre-orders are done. This isn't certain but likely as the final pricing on all production parts hits.

I know a review sub has been sent out to a few folks (one more about to hit the streets now that we're done with the HTF week in LA) including Ed Mullen. He's telegraphed a few comments about his initial impressions on the PB10-ISD but as to exactly how it'll be compared to the STF-2 is something we're obviously as interested in as the next guy.

We tested a lot of competitive subs in this price class and are confident in our claim to "World's Best" in this price range. Till some objective/subjective third party testing comes in though we know SVS findings can be easily dismissed as "hype".

Of course the entire reason Ed was on a short list of reviewers for a production spec'd early unit is he's short on hype and has a test regimen that's able to separate fact from fiction in short order.

Jefe, look for Ed's report. I know we'll be reading it eagerly ourselves. Too bad we didn't get you out to Hollywood last week, you could have heard one of just a few PB10-ISD's in full production trim!


Edward J M

Senior HTF Member
Sep 22, 2002
Hi guys:

The PB10-ISD is simply in a league of one in this price class. It might seem like hyperbole, but just wait until you see the test data and hear it for yourself. How TC-Sounds and SVS was able to wring this kind of performance from a 10" woofer is beyond me.

And in terms of music performance - I could live indefinitely with the PB10-ISD for music only applications; high praise indeed coming from a PB2-Ultra owner. This sub sounds great. Accurate, non-fatiguing, and whatever other superlatives you want to throw at it.

And for HT, the PB10-ISD digs solid to well below 20 Hz in-room, with commensurate clean output to match. That's the key to the PB10-ISD's performance; its clean output capability and its frequency response maintain parity almost right up to its dynamic compression limits - a remarkable achievement for any subwoofer but downright amazing for a single 10" woofer.

And it's darn near impossible to make this sub misbehave; you'd almost swear it has a servo under the hood. Push it too hard and it just politely refuses to play any louder - perfect for houses with abusive teens.

I'm really excited about what this sub brings to the $400 market, and I think you people will be too when you hear it. :emoji_thumbsup:



Jefe Noche

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 5, 2002
Well, being the obsessive/compulsive, impatient freak that I am, I could not wait.

So, I scraped together some extra dough and just ordered an SVS PCi 20-39.

I just hope that is not TOO MUCH sub :D .

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