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Shad R

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Oct 8, 2001
Well, I screened this last night. Keep in mind, I haven't seen the first two.
Quick background before I start: I liked Hairspray and Enchanted.

First off, this is a musical, so let's talk about the music. With the exection of the opening number, this movie seriously lacks anything to hum along with. Hairspray and Enchanted nailed this aspect...not so much with HSM3. Most of the songs involve only one or two people singing. They lack energy and fun.
Then there's the coreography (or lack of). There were musical numbers where no one was even dancing. What's up with that?
The main characters that I was SUPPOSED to care about...I didn't.
Let's talk about the plot..shall we. The sub-title says it all. It's about seniors...putting on their own musical. Gabriella, for some reason, gets to leave school to go to a university far, far away from Troy, where she wants to stay...to avoid hurting Troy...even though they were supposed to go to prom...and she will miss graduation...and the play she was the star of. I'm not quit sure why she got to leave halfway through the schoolyear...but...guess what she decides to do anyway. We also see Troy struggle between attending his dads alma mater and Julliard. His final choice seemed very strange to me since it was never mentioned anywhere else in the movie. There are also characters that are introduced, then ignored, until the last reel. The acting was horid to middle of the road. The costumes were OK, but not striking. The sets looked like it was all shot on a soundstage. Oh, and one thing that bothered me was sometimes the songs were "in the persons head," sometimes it was unfolding in real life, and sometimes it cut from the begining of a song to the song being sung during play rehearsal. It was all very confusing.
I had high hopes for this, but alas, I was severely dissapointed. I was actually Hoping HSM would turn into a Prom Night bloodbath, but that didn't happen either. Speaking of prom, for such a big deal they made out of it, when it finally happened, it was rushed over. Anyway, not very entertaining.
Vanessa Hudgens being cute saved this from an F
I wanted to like this, I really did.

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