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HR10-20 HD DVR, recent comments, Where to buy?? (1 Viewer)


Feb 5, 1999

I havn't seen any recent post on the Hughes HD tivo, so whats the scoop??

I got the itch so whats a good place and good price to buy one. Any problems I should know about.


Mary M S

Mar 12, 2002
I now own one, for about 2 weeks. I believe you mean the HR10 250. I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, since I was just making light fun, of not understanding why TiVo users, are so ga ga with that product.

My husband & I when out roaming electronics had Tivo’ites, exclaim, “It changed my life!”
and had often thought wonderingly, “how so?”.

While shopping to upgrade my Mother’s SD receiver to a HD capable system/receiver, I had passed along many tidbits of information to my husband on the current status of various HD receiver models, including the HR10250. He had an itch to replace our old HD receiver already, and I did not know these conversations were sparking him to find out, what TiVO is all about. Couple of weekends ago, we were near a couple of electronic stores and decided we’d check one out. …and here I am.

I did not do as extensive a search on the HR10250 as I would have normally been wont to do pre-purchase, since I had no idea, we were about to acquire one. I have since discovered there are indeed some negatives to consider.

The good: My husband & I accidentally hit the rewind button on live TV while setting up the box. Swiveled our heads towards each other, and said COOL!!!! I’ve lived years without TiVo but it IS indeed pretty nifty.

I am limited in my experience with HD D* receivers. One RCADTC100, one Sony HD200 (returned).
Played with a Samsung, SIRT360, (all non-DVR, but HD) Now the TiVO unit.

Purchasers who have switched to the HDTiVO who came off later generation model HD receivers than my old DTC100, bemoan the menu speed and consider it horrid. I knew this fact before purchase, and was anxious to see for myself, but for us, it is slightly faster than the DTC100 so (unlike other buyers) I gained net improvement in that area. Using the "GRID" guide (which I actually prefer) helps the speed a bit.
(there are also other listed tricks to try if you get into a unit)
Hardrives have failed, a bad flash software update running from Sept to Nov 2004, had net effect of requiring the replacement by D* of many of these units. (Older build date, earlier adopters seemed most heavily affected). The Customer Service during this ordeal for owners experiencing problems, (and recent trends I watch D* take) have caused me start fondly calling D* , - the Satellite Nazis.
Some purchaser’s had/have (vague on this one) bad DVI outputs.

My unit is cabled via the included HDMI/DVI; currently I am having best luck with PQ when averaged between surfing all SD/HD channels leaving my unit at 720p. The OTA tuners on board will only decode Digital channels (no analog). And if this feature is important to you, the Huges will not simaltanously send signal via Component/DVI and S-V (one or the other).
The Aspect Ratio (a sore point for me with HD/SD and 4:3 content on 16:9 screens, has workarounds, all via the included remote, (a plus). To stand the workarounds, - I prefer the remote to include a resolution toggle, this unit does).
These are too expensive……and in cycle, I think these units are coming very close to price drop Currently at B&M still 999, and in my area, they try the hard sale as regards we have “ONE” in stock. In the last year this item was backordered, but all B&M here (regardless the sales pitch, have 2 to 4 units in stock…(don’t fall for the urgency they try to create in you with that line) These units are now easily found in stock. Last I checked one e-retailers lowest price was approx., 849, during a special. 899 at a couple of other e-tailers..
It would be smarter to take a bit of a wait and see approach, unless you are the kind of shopper not bothered by seeing the price of your new purchase drop a couple of hundred within short while after acquisition. I fought hard for discounting from the B&M I purchase at, and with D* for doing the upgrade, making the net cost of this box, with a 5 yr. warranty…(and for these touchy things I do recommend the warranty) around 700 or so on my purchase.

Even so, I am concerned for the upcoming effect SpaceOne/Space Two will have on D*’s software/hardware upgrades. When choosing to spend money I like to weight purchase by likely lifespan of unit in my household. It’s hard to do that at the moment with certain changes on the horizon.
I suggested to my husband my gut instinct on this purchase was it would be wiser to wait, but he got ancy.
FOr a while,at first 5 months launch, this was touted as THE box in HD receivers for dependibility/user interface/ general performance. (Excepting menu speed) and as one in its own seperate league standing above all others. In ways, I find that true but sadly, as seems the norm, in all HD receiver model/makes I have followed since my DTC100, not a one has been without its minor (and sometimes extreme) glitches, which various percentage of owners do experience.
All the gloom and doom above said. We do indeed currently love it, and no looking back (as long as it continues to perform its intended function).

There is a huge TiVO forum, where you can find reams on this subject. Pro’s/Con’s at Tivo.com etc.and try googling HR10250, for reviews/current threads elsewhere.

Dave Miller

Supporting Actor
May 9, 1999
Very similar to Mary, I have now owned the HDTivo for two weeks and I'm very happy. I moved from basic cable and a VCR to HD, D*, and Tivo. It has been quite a jump and I am thrilled with the unit. I am never home, so being able to easily find what I want to watch and then watch what I want when I want to is what the Tivo does best. I have wanted HD for a while, but not without the ability to record. HDTivo seemed to win this battle in my mind over the Dish 921. HD Cable is not available in my area, so you may want to check that out as an option. I will tell you that I've used several other friend's HD Cable DVRs and nobody comes close to the user friendly interface that Tivo has. My wife loves it too.

You've already gotten a detailed review on the unit from Mary, so let's talk price. I just saw it today on ecost.com for $869. Valueelectronics.com has it for $899. I chose Dish Depot and had a great experience. As a new D* customer I got an HDTivo, an SDTivo, Dish, & complete install all for $899. D* is also sending me a $50 rebate for purchasing a DVR.

Hope this helps.




Stunt Coordinator
May 23, 2001
Too bad you are married Mary MS, that detailed electronics review has made you very attractive! LOL

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