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HP MD6580n: FOR SALE (1 Viewer)


Jan 13, 2017
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I am the original owner of this wonderful 65" HP 1080p MicroDisplay HDTV. It has been a great set and is physically in beautiful as new condition. Mechanically, it worked fine until about a week ago. The only problem we'd ever had was with bulbs burning out, but we'd replace the bulb and everything was fine again.

Now, the set will not power on. I tried to change the fuse that's a part of the power supply, which appeared to get things going again (lights, etc.)...until you press power and the fuse blows again. I'm not a TV repair person, but this would indicate (to me at least) that there's an issue with the power supply itself, possibly a short.

There is someone currently selling the correct power supply on eBay for $49 or Best Offer, but I am not technically inclined enough to attempt this fix. So...I've decided to sell the set in the hopes it can find a home with someone who treasures these models and the great TV experience they deliver.

It comes complete with the custom HP built stand, the working bulb already in the set, and a brand new, never used replacement OEM bulb (I learned to always have a spare on hand though in general these bulbs last about two years on average.

I'm in the DC/MD/VA area so this would require local pickup or else a professional shipper or mover to get the set to you.

I figure someone who's handy with TV repairs might be able to get this set up and running with just a little bit of effort. Or perhaps it'd be of use to someone for parts.

I'd like $250 for the set, $150 for the stand, and $125 for the OEM spare bulb, or $500 for everything.

I'm including the existing/working bulb, as well as several HP remotes.

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