How's the Home Theater Level III Sub?

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  1. David Head

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    I'm looking for opinions on the new HTD Level III sub. A friend is putting together his first home theater setup. He's already bought a receiver (Denon 2802) and has decided to try out the Home Theater Direct speakers. He has decided to get the towers for fronts with the center and bookshelves for surrounds. He's trying to decide on a sub. How good is the sub that's part of the Level III packages? The package with the sub is about $210 more than just the speakers vs. ordering an Adire Audio Rava for about $425. If the HTD Level III sub is good enough, he'd like to save the $215.
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  2. BryanZ

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    It should be good enough for his purposes. However, if he is in doubt, pick up the Rava. It may be $215 more, but that will be worth the piece of mind.

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