How would you rate these actors?

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    Hello,well this is my first post,and i wanted to ask you guys how would you rate some of these fine and not so fine actors in the scale of 1 to 10,and if you could give me the reasons why you rated them that way too,i would appriciate it,ok,here they are:

    Johnny Depp

    Sean Penn

    Benicio Del Toro

    Russell Crowe

    Al Pacino

    Tom Hanks

    Jimmy Stewart

    Brad Pitt

    Robert Redford

    Keanu Reeves

    Robert De Niro

    Matt Damon

    Edward Norton

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Bill Griffith

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    Johnny Depp - 5 Not a fan except for 9th Gate (That movie was relatively entertaining

    Sean Penn - 4 Not a fan

    Benicio Del Toro - 5 Only saw him in that movie with Alicia Silverstone and he did pretty good

    Russell Crowe - 6 Hasn't really proven that he can act yet. He's relatively silent in most of his films which are good.

    Al Pacino - 8 basically similar to De Niro in actors status but I just don't go out of my way to watch thier movies.

    Tom Hanks - 9 Excellent actor with or without people acting with him

    Jimmy Stewart - 5 Only saw Its A Wonderful Life kind hard to compare him with the present company

    Brad Pitt - 9 Most memorable actor was the nut in 12 Monkeys, this guy knows how to act

    Robert Redford - 4 Hate him, the things I've seen him in do not impress me

    Keanu Reeves - 7 Go ahead flame me but I've enjoyed almost every movie made by this mono-emotional actor

    Robert De Niro - 8 Most of his movies are extremely well done and he's the actor to fit into a well done movie

    Matt Damon - 7 I think he good now and will only get better

    Edward Norton - 6 good actor I just don't like some of his movies
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    Tom G
    Welcome to the forum, Katre!
    There are only a few actors on your list that aren't that good. Matt Damon (4) is monotone and unemotional. I really haven't seen a good performance from him outsiede of Talented Mr. Ripley where his bland style actually worked for the character he was playing.
    Benicio Del Toro (5) is nothing great, just a serviceable actor. I'm still surprised that he won an Oscar for Traffic, although he was pretty good in that movie and also in The Usual Suspects.
    Keanu Reeves (5) is the guy that everyone loves to hate. He has taken some better roles recently as I found him to be pretty decent in The Gift and of course, The Matrix
    Brad Pitt (8) has the stigma of being a "pretty boy" but he is a very good actor. His roles in 12 Monkeys, Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch and Kalifornia prove me right. He has a versatility to him too as shown in those roles.
    Edward Norton (10) is the best young actor there is. No one is even close. He is an actor's actor and he will probably win an Academy award or two within the next decade.
    Russell Crowe (9) is an amazing actor. I think he has been nominated for an Academy Award for three years in a row. That's incredible.
    Robert De Niro (10) is my favorite actor and I like way he has found a new niche - comedy. He can do it all and is definitely one of the best actors ever.
    Johnny Depp (9) is a very underrated actor. He has versatility and loads of talent. Why he doesn't get more recognition is beyond me.
    Sean Penn (9) another amazing actor. I would put him in the same category with De Niro as a guy who can do it all. Plus, he is loyal to the art of film, i.e. you never see him take roles in "event movies" or roles that don't challenge him.
    Al Pacino (9) a screen legend. Some people say all Pacino does now is scream, but I don't buy it. He's still a great actor.
  4. Mike Broadman

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    Aug 24, 2001
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    Ooh, opinions. Fun.
    It looks like we're using a 1 - 10 scale here? Ok, I'll play along.
    Johnny Depp- severely underrated actor. With a good director and a good script, he can be great. Benny and June (I think that's the title) was the best performace I've seen. 8
    Sean Penn- haven't seen much with him, but what I have seen was pretty solid. 7
    Benicio Del Toro- He's decent, but I don't get the big deal everyone is making about him. 6
    Russell Crowe- I've never seen an opinion about him I agree with. He's good, not great. Granted, I haven't seen A Beautiful Mind. 7
    Al Pacino- One of my favorite actors. Scarface alone can put him in the upper echelons of great actors, let alone Godfather. 9
    Tom Hanks- Can't complain. He's very "obvious," though. 7
    Jimmy Stewart- He's very "likeable," but could play those serious roles, too. 8
    Brad Pitt- The only "pretty boy" in Hollywood with talent. 12 Monkeys and Legends of the Fall demonstrated his acting chops well enough to merit an 8
    Robert Redford- He's kind of like that Tom Hanks of his day. 7
    Keanu Reeves- You may say he's too easy to pick on. I agree 2
    Robert De Niro- Taxi Driver. 'Nuff said. 10
    Matt Damon- Though better than his Scarecrow twin, Affleck, he still doesn't have anything to offer on the screen besides an image for pre-pubescent girlies to screech over. 4
    Edward Norton- He's good. Very good. 8
  5. Shawn C

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    May 15, 2001
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    Johnny Depp (7) - Underappreciated.
    Sean Penn (5) - I really can't stand the guy.
    Benicio Del Toro (6) - Promising so far, good in "Fear and Loating in Las Vegas", even better in "Traffic". Will never be a true 'leading man'.
    Russell Crowe (7) - I liked him in "The Insider".
    Al Pacino (8) - I think Heat was his best modern movie.
    Tom Hanks (9) - The instantly loveable 'everyman'. His personality and style make it easy for him to act. We need to see him as the bad guy though. Maybe he will be a bad guy in a movie sometime. He's a natural nice guy, and people like him.
    Jimmy Stewart (6) - I really haven't seen much. Before my time [​IMG]
    Brad Pitt (9) - Always delivers. He will be an acting force for a long time to come. He was the only good thing in "The Mexican".
    Robert Redford (7) - Seems to be a better director than actor. His films are always beautiful, while not always critical successes.
    Keanu Reeves (6) - Has always gotten a bad rap. He's better than most people make him out to be. Give him another 5 years. His best roles were Matrix and Speed.
    Robert De Niro (9) - I'm not a big fan of his comedies. He seems uncomfortable. But, I am looking forward to "Showtime". Was excellent in Casino.
    Matt Damon (6) - Came out of nowhere, seems to be able to handle comedy ok. Was decent in Dogma. Was decent in Ocean's 11. Very average overall.
    Edward Norton (9) - Loved him in 'The People vs. Larry Flynt'. He showed he could handle De Niro in "The Score". Perfect in "Fight Club". "Death to Smoochy" will let us see more comedy from him. It should be interesting how he plays with the crazy Robin Williams. As a side note: I'm happy to see Robin Williams in a comedy again, where he belongs.
    Ok, bye bye.
  6. David Dennison

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    Johnny Depp - 5 Not a big fan.

    Sean Penn - 7 Dead Man Walking was amazing.

    Benicio Del Toro - 5 Great in Traffic, but I haven't seen him in much else.

    Russell Crowe - 8 One of the best current actors out there, but he does tend to get the choice roles now.

    Al Pacino - 8 He has proven his acting chops.

    Tom Hanks - 9 One of my all-time favorites starting with Big.

    Jimmy Stewart - 9 Another of my favorites.

    Brad Pitt - 7 He's not just Hollywood looks.

    Robert Redford - 6 Good but not great.

    Keanu Reeves - 4 Not a great actor, but it would be hard to imagine Speed or Matrix without him.

    Robert De Niro - 10 Probably the best and most versatile actor of all time.

    Matt Damon - 7 I really enjoy Damon's performances unlike some. I liked Good Will Hunting and Rainmaker.

    Edward Norton - 8 The best young actor out there. I didn't give him more than 8 just because he has a lot of years to continue to improve.
  7. Matthew_S

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    Jan 11, 2001
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    Johnny Depp-6

    Sean Penn-9

    Benicio Del Toro-6

    Russell Crowe-7

    Al Pacino-9

    Tom Hanks-8

    Jimmy Stewart-8

    Brad Pitt-5

    Robert Redford-6

    Keanu Reeves-2

    Robert De Niro-9

    Matt Damon-7

    Edward Norton-9
  8. Edwin Pereyra

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    Here’s how I would rate these actors based on their range and cumulative body of work – acting only:
    Jimmy Stewart - 10
    Robert De Niro - 10
    Al Pacino – 9
    Edward Norton – 8.5
    Brad Pitt – 8.5
    Johnny Depp - 8
    Sean Penn – 8 (He needs more roles like A Dead Man Walking)
    Tom Hanks – 7
    Robert Redford – 6 (I agree that he is a better director than an actor)
    Russell Crowe – 6
    These three need more challenging roles to be even considered with the group above:
    Benicio Del Toro - 5
    Matt Damon - 5
    Keanu Reeves - 5
  9. Dave Gorman

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    Jul 22, 1999
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    Johnny Depp - 7 - seems very expressive and has taken some non-ordinary roles

    Sean Penn - 6 - i prefer his directing to his acting

    Benicio Del Toro - 6 - adequate

    Russell Crowe - 6 - i think he's a good actor, but probably overrated

    Al Pacino - 9 - proven excellence

    Tom Hanks - 2 - i think i'm the only person in the universe that doesn't fall to the ground in worship at the mere mention of his name, but he's just always reminded me too much of a block of wood

    Jimmy Stewart - 7 - he's been in many outstanding movies, but there always seems to be a lot of sameness to his presentation

    Brad Pitt - 8 - i think he's demonstrated great versatility

    Robert Redford - 6 - although i don't believe I've really seen enough of him to fairly evaluate him

    Keanu Reeves - 5 - i don't think he's quite as dreadful as most do, but there is certainly plenty of room for improvement

    Robert De Niro - 10 - i'm not a big fan of his "comedy" roles, but the sheer number and quality of roles he has handled over the years is very impressive

    Matt Damon - 4 - i used to think he had great potential, but he hasn't improved

    Edward Norton - 8 - he seems to have acted quite well in a wide variety of roles
  10. Marc Colella

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    Jun 19, 1999
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    Johnny Depp - 8
    - Amazing at quirky roles. Ed Wood & Fear and Loathing are proof.
    Sean Penn - 10
    - One of the best. He can transform himself into any role he tackles. Great Range.
    Benicio Del Toro - 8
    - Amazing in Usual Suspects and Fear and Loathing. Similar to Depp when playing quirky.
    Russell Crowe - 7
    - Is a very competent actor, but I'm still baffled at the nomination/win for Gladiator.
    Al Pacino - 7
    - Very good, but chews up the scenery too much. Doesn't have great range - more or less plays roles very similar.
    Tom Hanks - 6
    - Decent enough, but don't see the big deal. Forrest Gump was his best role.
    Brad Pitt - 7.5
    - Very underated. He can really play the extremes.
    Robert De Niro - 7
    - Very similar to Pacino (but doesn't chew the scenery). Most of the time he's plays his roles similarly. Was great in Awakenings.
    Edward Norton - 8
    - One of the best young actors out there. Primal Fear, People vs. Larry Flynt and American History X is a helluva start for his career.
    Absent from the list:
    Gary Oldman deserves a 10. Like Penn, he loses himself in his roles and it's easy to forget it's Oldman. Incredible in The Contender, True Romance, JFK, Sid & Nancy, etc. Needs to be in more quality films.
  11. Scott Weinberg

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    Oct 3, 2000
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    Hey Katre! Welcome to the HTF! Here are my "scores":
    Johnny Depp - 8.5 - Takes interesting roles and generally does a great job.
    Sean Penn - 8 - I am Sam aside, one of the most underrated and reliable actors around.
    Benicio Del Toro - 7.5 - Was great in Traffic and The Usual Suspects. Hopefully he'll continue this trend.
    Russell Crowe - 8.5 - He's got the chops.
    Al Pacino - 9.5-10 when he's playing a character. 8.5 when he's playing "Al Pacino".
    Tom Hanks - Sometimes a 9, sometimes a lazy 7.5.
    Jimmy Stewart - A 10 - with very few exceptions.
    Brad Pitt - 9 - Damn good actor who chooses good projects...usually.
    Robert Redford - 8.5 in his prime. 6.5 nowadays.
    Keanu Reeves - His skills fluctuate from a 3.5 to a 6.5. He can play a "role" but I doubt he'll ever pen a Oscar acceptance speech.
    Robert De Niro - Almost always a 9.5-10.
    Matt Damon - 7 - Plays the lighter stuff much better.
    Edward Norton - 9.5 - The next Dustin Hoffman, only not as whiney.
  12. Terrell

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    Dec 11, 2001
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    Here we go:
    Johnny Depp - 7.0, a solid but not exceptional actor
    Sean Penn - 6.0 to 8.5, I can't stand this guy, but he's talented
    Benicio Del Toro - 8.0, only saw him in Traffic.
    Russell Crowe - 9.5 to 10, clearly one of the best actor's today
    Al Pacino - 9.5 to 10, same as for Crowe
    Tom Hanks - 9.0 to 9.5, exceptional actor
    Jimmy Stewart - 9.5 to 10, exceptional
    Brad Pitt - 6.0, I've seen nothing even remotely exceptional about this guy. Average
    Robert Redford - 8.5 to 9.5, another great one, depends on his material
    Keanu Reeves - 7.0, solid, but not exceptional
    Robert De Niro - 9.5 to 10, again......exceptional
    Matt Damon - 6.0, good actor but will never be great
    Edward Norton - 8.0, very good, but don't like him at all
  13. Bill J

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    Oct 27, 2001
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    Johnny Depp- 4, I don't like very many of his films.
    Sean Penn- 6, good in The Thin Red Line and The Game
    Benicio Del Toro- 7, he was outstanding in Traffic
    Russell Crowe- 6, good in A Beautiful Mind and The Insider
    Al Pacino- 9, one of the best, although his recent stuff isn't too good
    Tom Hanks- 9, great in Apollo 13 and Saving Private Ryan
    Jimmy Stewart- 9, was in several great films
    Brad Pitt- 8, excellent in Se7en, good in Fight Club
    Robert Redford 6, never was a fan
    Keanu Reeves- 2, shows no emotion, don't like any of his films
    Robert De Niro- 9, one of the best, don't like his recent work since Casino
    Matt Damon- 5, good in Ocean's 11 and Saving Private Ryan, that's it
    Edward Norton- 9, has the most potential of all the young actors
  14. Seth Paxton

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    Nov 5, 1998
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    Johnny Depp - 8 extremely versitile actor that sometimes gets overlooked due to his pop star image. He also carries a nice screen presence. Any doubts on ability should be solved by watching Before Night Falls, any doubts on screen presence should be solved by watching Chocolat.
    Sean Penn - 8.5 one of the better actors out there today. Also hampered by early pop star image but seems to be shaking it off better than Depp. Happened to also shine in a cameo in Before Night Falls. He has actually been kicking butt for years, loved his turn in Carlito's Way when he stole the show from Pacino.
    Benicio Del Toro - 8 excellent actor but I'd like to see just a few more roles establishing his range. Great screen presence. I did like the contrast between his Traffic and Snatch roles. He's fun to watch on screen, always a good thing for an actor.
    Russell Crowe - 9 very gifted actor that can play bigger than life (Glad) or subtlely complex (Insider). He continued his excellence in Beautiful Mind.
    Al Pacino - 9 Has been excellent for years. He is hurt a little by falling into the loud, colorful character too often now, but then he goes into Insider and backs it down to a subtle level of excellence. His big speech in that film (do we put it on the could have been loud and flamboyant but instead he eased off it. Stuff like Author Author compared to Scarface show the range.
    Tom Hanks - 8.5 very solid actor, the Jimmy Stewart of modern film without a doubt. Can fit like a glove into the lovable everyman yet was able to reach out to his part in Philadelphia too. I can't think of a dark role he's done, but that isn't really a bad thing. In fact if he could range out into the dark roles I'd put him at a 10. Great in Apollo 13 and Cast Away after winning 2 Oscars just before it.
    Jimmy Stewart - 9 Tom Hanks of a by-gone era [​IMG] Jimmy WAS the everyman and soaked it up. Unlike Hanks he could go with slightly darkened characters if not villans. Vertigo and Rear Window are slightly flawed characters I think. And he could play funny as well (Philadelphia Story). Great screen presence.
    Brad Pitt - 9 Pitt has great range (Snatch, 12 Monkeys, Legends of the Fall, Kalifornia) though he leans toward the dark and quirky characters obviously. But like Hanks and Stewart with "everyman" roles, Pitt fits perfectly into each of these quirky characters and gives them full-bodied life. Best of all he tends to not rely on the same mannerisms between even similar characters (Snatch, Fight Club - boxers, as example). Screen presence is through the roof.
    Robert Redford - 7 he has been great in many roles and has diversified well enough, but he leans a bit too much to the leading man heartthrob like Beatty does. That shouldn't diminish the many great roles he's played, but I find that he sits a bit too much in each role as "himself". Of course, "himself" plays well on screen so it doesn't keep his roles from being fun to watch. I simply question his range a bit.
    Keanu Reeves - 4 given the right role he can do very well. He does have screen presence, but his lack of acting skill is starting to diminish that in my eyes. I'm starting to notice that he carries a lot of personality baggage into all of his characters and fails to get into each one uniquely and seperate them from "Keanu". I understand him getting work, but stuff like "The Watcher" tells me he just isn't a solid actor.
    Robert De Niro - 10 one of the finest ever to act. Sure he has leaned toward mob/tough NYer types, but even with that he has ranged all over. Taxi Driver to Raging Bull even is huge range I think, 2 totally different types despite both been streetwise NYers. He does seem to carry his mannerisms with him more now than he used to, but he plays off them pretty well which keeps him pretty fun to watch. And I think his subtle work like "The Score" or "Heat" shows he can back off the "De Niro" personality when it's called for. Obviously he's had success playing the straight guy in some good comedies lately (Meet the Parents, Analyze This)
    Matt Damon - 8 Talented Mr. Ripley sold me that Damon was a strong actor. Even within that film he showed range, and it contrasted well with his other work. Ocean's 11 took him in another direction I think and obviously we have great work in Good Will Hunting. He was also good paired with Norton in Rounders. Damon has remained a solid actor while Affleck has weakened recently I think by falling away from more challenging roles.
    Edward Norton - 10 probably my favorite current actor. Incredible range matched only by people like Kevin Spacey. This guy is whatever you need him to be. Just going between hard-ass (American History X) and slimey weakling (Rounders) in one year was amazing, but after Flynt and Primal Fear I felt like I was seeing a different guy everytime. Obviously Fight Club drove his range home even more. And he played well off of De Niro in The Score. I think he relies far more on acting talent than screen presence, which he has less of than most. In fact that might help him blend into his roles better.
  15. Ches Campbell

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    Nov 9, 2001
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    Johnny Depp- 7. I haven't seen many of his movies. I did like him in From Hell.
    Sean Penn- 8. Great acotr. He has been good in every movie I have seen him in. I just don't really think he is "cool" enough to get a 10.
    Benicio Del Toro- 9. He was awesome in traffic. He has been in two of my favorite movies of all time (Traffic and Usual Suspects). His part in US was awesome. It had to be hard to talk that wierd the whole time.
    Russell Crowe- 9. Gladiator, Insider, LA Confidential, and A Beautiful Mind were all awesome movies. Proof of lIfe on the other hand sucked. WOuld be a 10 if he hadn't done that movie.
    Al Pacino- 9. Godfathers were awesome. Indsider, Heat,... loved him in all these. Hated Devil's advocate and Any Given Sunday. He is definately a great acotr all around.
    Tom Hanks- 10. He started out with some horrible movies (Joe versus the volcanoe, volunteers, and the man with one red shoe). He can do it all tho. Comedy (Big and Money pitt were great), Romance (Sleepless in Seattle - the best romantic comedy I have seen), and Drama (Forrest Gump, Green Mile, Philadelphis...). I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every movie he has made in the past 10 years.
    Jimmy Stuart- No Comment. I loved him in the Rear Window as it is one of my all time favorite movies. I also liked its a wonderful life. I just haven't seen enough to really comment on his acting ability.
    Brad Pitt- 10. One of my favorite actors around. He just has that "Cool" factor. Fight Club, Interview with a Vampire, 12 Monkeys, Snatch...all great. I really liked him in the Thanksgiving episode of Friends. He was freakin hilarious in it. He is really cool in person too. Plus his wife is HOT! haha.
    Robert Redford- 7. Sneakers is one of my favorite movies. Has been since I was about 12. I also love the Natural. The last Castle wasn't too great. Spy Game was good tho. He can act, but he is not up there with Pitt, Norton, Hanks, De Niro...
    Keannu Reeves- 5. He really is not a very good actor, but I like most of his movies, so that should count for something. I also give him credit for his job in The Matrix. He had to do a lot of fighting sequences and stuff and he did a good job of making it look like he knew what he was doing.
    Robert De Niro- 10. Just plain kicks butt. His movies are all awesome (except Analyze this). Like mentioned before, he can do it all. He is my favorite tought guy, mobster, criminal... He makes you want the bad guy to win (The Score, Ronin...). I like almost every single movie he is in.
    Matt Damon- 7.5. Not a bad actor, he just hasn't done enough to make him great. I am sure he will prove himself in the future.
    Edward Norton- 10. My favorite young actor also. He is just plain awesome. When I first saw Primal Fear I was very impressed. Fight Club and The Score have added to that. I can't wait for his next movie.
    Katre, are these your favorite actors or something? If so then we have a lot of the same taste as a few of these are my favorite actors around.
  16. Rob Tomlin

    Rob Tomlin Producer

    Jan 8, 2000
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    Johnny Depp- 9 If anything, he is underrated!

    Sean Penn- 8 A good actor for sure, but overrated a bit

    Benicio Del Toro- 8 very good! Want to see him MORE!

    Russell Crowe- 8.5 He was incredible in The Insider. Havent seen a Beautiful mind yet.

    Al Pacino -7.5 Usually plays the same type of character.

    Tom Hanks- 9 His Oscars speak volumes!

    Jimmy Stewart- 8.5 A classic actor, but he usually seemed to be playing "himself".

    Brad Pitt- 7 His best acting job by far was in 12 Monkeys. Not overly impressed since then.

    Robert Redford- 7.5 to 8. Mixed feelings here.

    Keanu Reeves- 2. He sucks.

    Robert De Niro- 9.5 My favorite actor! He needs another good role though.

    Matt Damon- 6. Not much range.

    Edward Norton- 9 One of my favs! Extremely gifted!
  17. AaronP

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    Jan 13, 2000
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    Johnny Depp - 7 really good in quirky movies like Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow. Not as good in more mainstream stuff.

    Sean Penn - 3 incredibly overrated hack

    Benicio Del Toro - 4 nothin special, his fake mexican voice is the only reason he gets roles.

    Russell Crowe - 7 I wish he'd make some mainstream action movies.

    Al Pacino - 8 great in Glengarry Glen Ross, I like older Pacino better than younger Pacino, but he was great back in the 70's too.

    Tom Hanks - 5 Mr. Nothin Special. I don't know why he's so popular.

    Jimmy Stewart - 6 classic version of Tom Hanks, better though.

    Brad Pitt - 5 has a lot of bad roles. Like Depp, he's better in off kilter stuff. 12 Monkeys, Fight Club. Can't play a normal character.

    Robert Redford - 8 great actor.

    Keanu Reeves - 4 as long as he doesn't try to stretch, he can handle movies like The Matrix

    Robert De Niro - 9 Only time I don't like him is in light comedies.

    Matt Damon - 1 hack

    Edward Norton - 7 good actor
  18. Ches Campbell

    Ches Campbell Stunt Coordinator

    Nov 9, 2001
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    Aaron, How can you give Matt Damon a 1 and Keanu Reeves a 4? And Brad Pitt only one point higher than Reeves? I guess its just the difference in opinions. I am interested to see what movies you like (since you don't like Memento). Do you have a list on the 2001 top ten list? If so will you please post a link to it. Thanks.
  19. Katre

    Katre Auditioning

    Feb 20, 2002
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    Yeah,they are my favorite actors(well all except Keanu Reeves and Benicio Del Toro,but i just wanted to know what people thought about them).

    Thanks for rating them anyway.
  20. Paul_D

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    Jul 28, 2001
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    Welcome Katre. Cool thread.
    Johnny Depp 7 - he picks too many crap roles, Ed Wood is incredible though
    Sean Penn 10 - my personal GOD
    Benicio Del Toro 8 - amazing in Traffic and Usual Suspects
    Russell Crowe 10 - walking charisma
    Al Pacino 10 - "Gimme all ya got!" [​IMG] - I happen to like him shouting, which means I'm almost always satisfied with a Pacino flick.
    Tom Hanks 7 - overrated, but no slouch
    Jimmy Stewart 10 - classic performer
    Brad Pitt 9.5 - most underrated actor alive
    Robert Redford 9 - hes lost his golden touch lately
    Keanu Reeves 3 - it's a cliche to think he can't act. but he still can't.
    Robert De Niro 10 before, 2 now - every time I see the trailer for Rocky and Bulwinkle I shed a solitary tear
    Matt Damon 7 - doesn't deserve all the negative opinions, but he was sooooo wrong for Talented Mr. Ripley. Kicked ass in Ocean's 11.
    Edward Norton 10 - my other personal GOD
    OK. [​IMG] I forgot, you're the person that doesn't like Fight Club. Nuff said.

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