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    Hi everyone,
    I posted before asking a newby type question about potential HT. I have since done some research and I am thinking about getting the following pcs. Please let me know what you think
    TV: samsung 50" DPL 1080i (my roomate is getting this one)
    Receiver: Harmon Kardon AVR 340
    Speakers: JBL SCS180.6S or Harmon Kardon HKTS 14
    DVD: OPPO OPDV971H (based on someones suggestion instead of a samsung)

    First, Does this receiver upconvert to 720/1080? I would like to connect my DVD player to the receiver (even though its not necessary according to advice I have gotten from the forum) but not lose the upconverting capability of my DVD player. I like the looks of this receiver, and although it doesnt have HDMI output it has all other connections I will need for a reasonable price. The next HK in line is the AVR 445 but this is sigificantly more expensive. In other words, are there any receivers in the AVR 340 range that I can plug in an upconverting DVD player to (assuming the AVR 340 wont cut it)?

    Second, any thoughts about either of these speakers? or maybe another suggestion that is in the similar price range ($650 or lower)

    Third, is this DVD player really a step above others?

    Thanks for your input
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    Unless your DVD player can output HD (720p/1080i) through it's component connection, you would have to use the DVD->TV HDMI connection to take advantage of the upconversion in the DVD player. There are a few DVD players that upconvert through the component via a hack (I don't know if the Oppo is one), but most will only upconvert via HDMI/DVI due to copy protection.

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