how will a voltage regulator improve my system?

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    I've been toying around with the idea of adding a voltage stabilizer, like Monster's AVS2000 to my system. I have some decent power conditioners (Monster HTPS7000 with balanced ac) and dedicated ac lines (3 to be exact)
    My display and preamp are hooked up to an AP Power Wedge (display is getting balanced ac)
    The HTPS7000 is plugged into another outlet and it's balance ac outlets power my digital sources.
    Lastly, my AMP (ATI 2505) is plugged directly into the wall on the 3rd dedicated ac line)

    I know that my voltage fluctuates between 122-126 on the Monster's digital voltage readout. Unfortunatley, if I add the voltage regulator, which would be the best ac line to use it on or should I combine everything on to 1 ac line, pluggeding into the voltage regulator?

    I liked the idea of physically separating as many components as possible on different ac lines, so, if I go for the large VARIAC, i'm essentially going to be using it for my main components or must my amp?

    I guess that I don't quite understand how the introduction of a variac will effect my system. Would love to hear some educated and experienced comments on this topic!

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    Well, a variac's output voltage will also vary with the incoming voltage unless you go for some sort of device with sensing circuitry tied to a motor for feedback. A voltage regulating variac monitors itself and automatically adjust it's output using a motor. It probably takes a couple of seconds to respond but this is what radio and television transmitters used to control the mains. The application in that case was to ensure a constant voltage to the transmitter tubes so that the plate supply didn't wander. Expensive but used types are available. However don't expect that to operate instanteously to rapid changes in incoming voltage.
    In the world of variacs, you'll find that they come in a variety of current ratings and for starters that'd be your primary concern as to how you'd hook it up. One that's 1.5 certainly wouldn't be placed prior to the Monster or even post-Monster to feed the amp.
    I'd only suggest a variac if your voltage was say nominally something like 113 volts and you wanted to boost it to a nominal 120V. Then I'd get one that had sufficient current capability and was also isolated. That'd lower the overall noise floor coming into your power conditioner.
    There are variacs that employ isolation transformers such as while a variety or surplus and used equimpment can be found at
    Now from what you've stated, your volatage swings are truly trivial. With regards to your amp, a 1 volt change in your incoming voltage will drop the maximum power capability by about 1%. Now that may sound like a lot, but you will rarely, if ever, use your amp in such a way that you'll need every last watt of power that it can crank out. Personally I think you've got a non-issue going on there [​IMG]

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