How to wire a printer to a network?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ronald Epstein, Jan 14, 2009.

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    Ronald Epstein
    I have a laser printer, now 6 years old, that I have been using
    wirelessly with Airport Express.

    Problem is, for some reason or another, Airport Express will no
    longer recognize the printer. I think the device is just crapping out.

    Fortunately there is an ethernet connection on the printer. So, I
    went out to the store and bought a 50' ethernet cable and connected
    it between the printer and my router LAN port.

    Thing is, the printer is not showing up on my computer. The drivers
    are installed (as it previously was working with Airport Express), but
    I can't get the network to identify it.

    Perhaps I need to configure the printer menu to NETWORK. I have
    yet to look through the on-screen menu. That may be the simple

    Any information you can provide would be appreciated, as always.
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    Ron, I am certainly no expert on this, but when I switched my Canon PIXMA 970 from an ethernet connection on my iMac to the Airport Extreme, the same thing happened to me. I ended up calling Apple and they had me remove the printer driver from my System Preferences, download the latest driver from Canon and install it. Next, I browsed for the new network driver, Leopard found it and I was good to go. I hope this helps.

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