How to test DVD player scaling?

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    I'd like to go pick up a few DVD players to test in a few days. I was thinking about getting the Panny RP91 which does do the scaling and maybe the Pioneer 45A which does not. Can you recommened any good DVD's (or types of DVDs) to test out these 2 players with so that I could determine whether I want a player with the scaling feature or not? Also, when I get the players and the DVD's, what exactly will I do to notice the scaling or lack-of scaling features.

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    First of all, you must connect using component video to a progressive capable TV with a 16:9 display area. The RP91 only scales in progressive mode and "squeezing" the scaled picture on a 4:3 tv defeats the purpose of scaling. Then play some 4:3 DVD's (pre-1952 movies or almost any TV show). This will display the player's ability to scale 4:3 material. If you have a 16:9 display, you will have to change the dipslay mode to 4:3 ("normal") for the non-scaling player and the TV will most likely have grey bars on the side. With the scaling player, you just leave the TV in "Full" and the bars are black. Now get some non-anamorphic widescreen DVD's. A short list includes:
    The Abyss
    Here is a thread on this board that lists alot more:
    Note that if you play Titanic, you will have to manually zoom the RP91, it is improperly flagged as 4:3. With these non-anamorphics you will have to zoom the TV manually when viewing the non-scaling player. With the RP91; again you just leave it in "Full". Notice the increased size of the scanlines on the display when zoomed and not scaled. These lines are almose eliminated with the RP91. With a quality non-anamorphic transfer (i.e. The Abyss), you cannot tell the difference between this and anamorphic.

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