How to get your hands on ID subwoofers (HSU, SVS, eD, AV123 etc.) in Europe?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Imp The Dimp, Mar 3, 2011.

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    I'm about to buy a Klipsch RF-82 Home Theatre System but I'm not sold on the subwoofer (Klipsch recommends RSW-10D or WR-12D) and did a lot of research on that matter.

    These subwoofers in the price range of 500€/700$ appear to be quite famous among audiophiles:

    1. AV123 MFW15

    2. HSU VTF-3 MK

    3. eD A5-350

    The AV123 homepage is not accessible and I read somewhere that AV doesn't exist any more which'd be tragic as the MFW15 was my first choice. Google? Ebay? Amazon market place? No dice, I haven't found it anywhere. Should I give up or am I looking at the wrong places?

    HSU's homepage is still up but they won't ship outside the US and again, ebay has nothing.

    elemental Design apparently DOES deliver to Europe but their A5-350 subwoofer is out of stock and nowhere else to be found.

    I feel somewhat lost. 500€ is a respectable amount of money and I have a hard time thinking about spending it for a lesser subwoofer when there a far better ones out there which deliver way more bang for the buck.

    Can you guys give me a hint where to look for ID subwoofers?

    And is the difference between a WR-12D and a HSU VFT-3 MK um...dramatic?
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    SVS in Europe (and other areas)
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    The owner of AV123 will probably be spending time in prison for fraud based on what I have read.

    You won't find eD subs for sale except via their site. They are trying to get more inventory built up but people keep buying everything they build. Check out their forum and blog. You will learn a lot about them.

    What about building the sub yourself? You will probably save money by having a cabinet built for you locally rather than shipping it from the US. Many pro amps are available all over the world. So the only thing you are shipping is a driver. Companies like Fi Car Audio have distributors in Europe with stock so you are buying locally as well.

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