How to get a GameCube for Xmas?

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    My younger sister emailed me today, asking me the best way to get a GameCube for Christmas, for her husband (sorry guys, they're very happily married [​IMG] ). She didn't pre-order, so that's no good.
    The three options, I see, are:
    - Order a bundle from e.g. Amazon
    - Order an import / modded GC
    - Pick one up at a store when convenient
    A bundle is fine, since she wants games anyway [​IMG] But if she could just pick on up at the store, then maybe she could better choose games as reviews come out.
    I advised her to go with the Amazon bundle.
    Suggestions, useful info, or other options?
  2. Jeffrey Noel

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    Sep 11, 2001
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    I'd just tell her that she should wait and buy them at a store. I highly doubt there will be a shortage for Gamecubes. She may have to wait for a week or two after the release when more shipments come in, but that way she could pick exactly what games she wants to get her husband.
    I, OTOH, pre-ordered a bundle from, but that was because I was impatient! [​IMG]
    Best of luck to her though!!
    God bless!
    jeffrey noel
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    I think there will be a shortage of Gamecubes,at least during the holiday season. Where I work,which has a lot more family based-shoppers than "hardcore" gamers,there is much more interest in the lil' Cube...
    Simply because:
    (1) It is made by Nintendo,and with families,they Do have a good rep -&
    (2) $200 is much easier to stomach than $300
    (especially that Sony isn't lowering the price of the PS2...)
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