How to flag a 4:3 video as 16:9

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Michael Rogers, Jun 4, 2011.

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    I recorded squeezed 16:9 video on my home DVD recorder but it is, of course, flagged as 4:3. I simply want a way to apply a 16:9 flag to this 4:3 video to tell a DVD player to stretch it.

    Womble can't seem to do this except for the menu.

    Nero has a 16:9 setting but what it seems to do is add black bars at the side of the squeezed 4:3 image instead of allowing the 4:3 image to stretch out to 16:9

    I down loaded a utility called ReStream which is supposed to allow me to apply a 16:9 flag but there are no instructions and I can't seem to get it to recognize the files on the DVD to load into the function in the first place.

    I can't believe it is this much hassle to add a 16:9 flag to a video, how can I do this?
  2. JohnRice

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    Yeah, it's just a flag you need to change. I know I have done this on Mac with a utility called EditMyDVD. You have to save the dVD and burn a new one.
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    I'd also like to know how to do this if possible, I was told at the Roxio forum that is not possible, you can do it with Roxio through a "stretch" process overlay on a black panel (16x9 project), but if you have many short squeezed videos like me it can be a very time consuming process..

    I just play the DVD back on a panny Blu-ray that stretches the video right back to the original AR. with some DVD players you need to switch on the menu to 4x3 screen, and it will play back the DVD in WS as the original recording..
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    Hi Michael- A time ago we used a program called IfoAR2WS which allows you to change the video aspect ration attributes flag. My husband and I took some University Graduation video for a friend and had a similiar problem. It was very frustrating to find out about the ratio issue AFTER we spent the entire afternoon filming in the hot sun!

    This was some time ago and if you need help finding the software I will see where we located it. Send me a PM if you need assistance.

    Best of luck to you.

  5. Leo Kerr

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    I know I've fought this problem in the past, and I think I won, but I can't be sure. One of the tools I use a lot (although I don't recall if it was successful or not) was MPEG Stream Clip from Squared 5.

  6. mattCR

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    Ok. This is possible, but how much work do you want?

    Here's what you need. First, grab IfoEdit:

    Copy all the files as is to your PC hard drive.

    IfoEdit will open the IFO files (there may be several, depending on how you record, and you'll want to check all one by one)

    You'll see a line that says "MPEG-2 Video (stats/info) 4:3

    Double click it.

    You can then change it to 16:9

    Doing this means you MUST have checked "Automatic Pan & Scan" and "Automatic Letterbox" as well, or else your DVD player may reject. Do NOT change the resolution setting.

    Do this to every IFO file, or check every IFO file.

    Save each one (feel free to create a Backup also, it will prompt you)

    Once done, burn back to a DVD if you wish, and walla, problem solved.

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