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How To Encourage More More Movies/Television To Be Released On DVD Or Blu-ray? (1 Viewer)


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Feb 10, 1999
i’ve just completed watching the DVD14 U.S release of Hart’s War on the full screen side, cropped top and bottom to fill up the 16:9 screen with 720p upscale in resolution.
the dual layer 16:9 enhanced widescreen DVD9 side unfortunately had rotted and unable be read by the player.

the single layer side which didn't suffered from the rot, have a good 4:3 video transfer with 5.1 surround sound track encoding.

so... if one single layer can hold 125mins duration of the film, i believe with some improvement and development of new technique and codec... the new generation DVD transfer, if successfully made to pack in 720p resolution, should be more appealing to the crowds... wouldn't that sweet?


Apr 26, 2022
SF Bay Area
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Dan Rose
Agree with most here esp. Dessler, jcroy and Penna. However, I recall that Warner Brothers has a video on demand for certain movies esp. film noir. I recall it on evil Amazon. I recall it being the bare bones version.

Streaming is not going away. It is really now "cable" at this point.

The great thing about the physical copy was it is yours forever, esp. with Netflix & HBO Max, movies and shows leave after a certain point of time.
Plus, I am not sure if the streaming services show all the bonus features listed on BluRay/DVDs.
The reason is that, at this time, I am not subscribed to any streaming services. I still have cable, but this could be my last year. I have been tempted.

For me, certain media can be watched on the computer (for me TV series)or the phone, but some shows or movies belong on the large TV screen at the minimum.

Last, as to the HasLab concept, it would have to be "the kitchen sink" version of a film. I would wonder about the price range with this concept. If you look at Arrow and Shout Factory (SF), they seem to be the closest to it, but again, it would depend on the title and what features. Ex: SF King Kong (1976), it has some good special features, but no interview with any of the principle cast stopped me from buying it. If I buy, it would have to be on sale.

I can keep on going, but that is for another time.
Thank you.

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