How To Determine If TV Actually Has a Brightness/Contrast Problem?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by James Edward, May 9, 2005.

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    My sister's Sony 34" widescreen CRT TV is near it's outer limits when it is calibrated properly. It's about a year old.

    Contrast and brightness are both near the top end of the scale, and the picture is just about right. However, my brother-in-law likes it rather bright, and it simply won't go any further. Color and tint are in the 'normal' mid-range of the scale.

    All modes have the issue- Pro, Movie, Vivid, etc.

    Normally, when I use Video Essentials, there is plenty of room on the upside if the person wants the set brighter, but not with this set.

    What could be wrong? And can I do anything to correct this?
    As I said, with a VE calibration, the set is fine- color, tint, brightness, and contrast. But he wants it brighter, especially for daytime viewing. Every other set seems to allow you to set it to 'blinding', but not this one.

    And could it possibly be a low voltage issue coming into the TV? I'm just thinking this now, and will bring a volt meter next time I'm there.

    Thanks for any thoughts
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    You don't mention the model number, but I'm pretty sure the topline XBR 34" set uses a finer dot pitch than just about any other crt set available, getting much closer to being able to display true HD at some sacrifice in brightness.

    I seem to recall that getting enough pixels onto the screen to get true HD from a crt direct view set did involve some sacrifice in brightness.

    If your inlaw insists on torch brightness, get him a nice cheap 32" analog set in the $400 range.

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