How to deal with the On/Off procedures with the BFD ?

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    Jan 19, 2001
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    I own the Beringher Feedback Destroyer 1100, and I think it is a great unit with ALMOST no flaws for sub usage.
    One of its flaws is at the On/Off process:
    Every time you turn the BFD On or Off, it makes a loud "gunshot" noise, which is very unpleasant and even might be harmful for the sub.
    I use a 250w plate amp, the amp has 3 options :
    1) Always on
    2) Auto (standby)
    3) off
    I must use the third option if I don't want to hear the BFD "gunshots".
    The plate amp switch looks very delicate. One of the reasons that the manufacturer made it like this is the fact that it suppose to stay at the "Auto" mode. Since I can't leave it at this mode, I thought of buying an outlet with an On/Off switch attached, and turn the sub On and Off using it. Is this a good idea ?
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    I just leave both on all the time.
    Actually led to a pretty funny incident a few days ago when we had heavy t-storms in the area. Power was glitching on and off, and my wife and I were trying to figure out what was thumping. ;-)

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