How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Sony Home Theater System?

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Felix Carcache, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Hello, I'm a new to all of this HTIB and connections so i need some help! I have my Sony Home Theater System connected in the following way HDMI output to Samsung LCD 46' TV and the Audio of the cable box goes into the Sony Home Theater System and i have my computer and PS3 also connected to the Sony Home Theater System via HDMI. Now the problem is there is no connection for headphones all the sound goes directly to my 5 speakers. I would like to know what i can buy or do to get around this and connect my Wireless Headphones.
    Here is the specification of my Sony BDV-E580 Home Theater System:
    Video Output Video Output - DVD - Video: Yes
    Video Output - DVD Upscaling: Yes
    Video Output - DVD R/RW BD R/RE: Yes
    Video Output - BD-ROM: Yes
    Inputs/Outputs Component Video Output(s): 1
    Composite Video Output(s): 1
    HDMI Output(s): 1
    Analog Audio Input(s): PIN Jack: 1
    Auto Calibration Mic Input(s): 1
    Coaxial Audio Input(s): 1
    Ethernet Connection(s): 1
    HDMI Input(s): 2
    Infrared Input(s): 1
    Optical Audio Input(s): 1
    USB Input(s): 2
    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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    You can hook up a pair of headphones directly to your computer.
    You can hook up a pair, with a headphone amp, to your PS3
    And, depending which Samsung you can hook up headphones to it(you can at least get a tos-link/rca converter box and hook up a headphone amp, just like you would for the PS3)
    But nope, that HTiB does not have any provision for headphones...not even a workaround.

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