How to connect up VCR & DVD Recorder in my HT

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Paul_Nyman, Dec 11, 2005.

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    I'm not sure what the chain order should be for my set up to use a VCR both to view & record programs and a newly purchased DVD Recorder to also view & record programs. Also my 5.1 reciever has a 5 DVD/CD player in it which is used for all DVD's watch with family and friends. I'm thinking a A/V switcher is required in order to use the VCR & DVD Recorder for playback and recording programs off the satellite feed, but not sure if that would give me what I want.

    My equipment:

    Dish Network Satellite reciever (will upgrade to HDTV)
    DVD/5.1 Reciever
    Hi-Fi VCR
    DVD Recorder
    30" HDTV

    There are 3 Video inputs on the back of the tv, 1 Monitor out, 1 set of Audio outputs and 2 pairs of HD/DVD inputs w/ Audio inputs. Also 1 HDMI w/ Audio inputs.

    If anyone can offer any suggestions thank you!
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    I doubt you'll need a switch but since you don't list an AV receiver your options may be limited and a switch could be needed.

    But I can't tell what you want to be able to do. You have 3 potential video sources (sat TV, VCR, DVD), two recorders, and a display device. What combinations are required will tell you what has to be connected to what. The available inputs/outputs will tell you how to make the connections. So for instance, do you want to only record from the SatTV receiver or is each recorder to be able to record from either of the other two sources? To really be of help, we'll need a list of all devices and the input/output types for each one.

    Personally, when faced with this kind of situation, I sit down with some paper and start making a drawing. Boxes for each device and each input/output the device has and then start making connections on the paper. Once I think I've got an answer I can wire it up and see if/how it works. Actually I don't use paper but rather software on the computer 'cause I wear out too many erasers the other way.[​IMG]

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