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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by CodyL, Jun 30, 2003.

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    This is the week - finally. I purchased the television saturday (Hitachi 65swx20b) and the receiver choice will be made today (Sony 4es or H/K 525 - this I haven't decided). The room is coming along. Now, my question is what cables and surge protection do I need to hook up the following:
    Hitachi HDTV monitor
    Sattelite receiver
    Audio Receiver
    CD player (with optical out)
    DVD Player

    I am just confused on Optical/Component/Composite/SVHS when I have the choice through the receiver to go any of these routes. I REALLY want to do all switching through the receiver if possible (one reason I landed on these two receivers). I would like to get the cables and buy a surge protector at the time I get the receiver, so anyone that can tell me how to identify a good surge protector without getting screwed and which connections I should be using for these components would be greatly appreciated. Even reading as much as I can on here, I remain confused. Thanks!
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    Hey CodyL

    IMHO I would go with the H/K over the Sony. The HK has the Logic7 and its amplifiers are high current and will give you more bang for the buck. I have compaired the two brands and IMHO the HK is crisper and more dynamic than the Sony, but this is just my 2 cents, lol. As far as the surge protector goes you can go with a monster cable surge protector strip or upgrade to a panamax but this is a more exspensive route. I am not sure if the two models you are looking at will allow you to mix component, composite and s-video cables so you may want to look into that. My Yamaha RV-X995 will not allow me to use a combination of composit and s-vhs. I would run component video as much as possible as I believe that is the way you will need to wire your HD-TV if you have it? I hope I am not mistaken that the component is the seperate 3 video connector.:b A DVI is another way to hook up your HD but that is not a option for switching sources on your reciever. Depending on your budget you can look at monster cable and better cables and compair prices. I prefere audioquest and tributary cables in my home theater.
    Have you looked at Yamaha they are nice for the money and have good performance and the price points are good. What is your budget for your reciever? You can get a great picture from your standard 75 ohm video cable and you can use your component for HD and progressive scan dvd player. I would run a standard video rca and a component video to your tv so if you are not watching a source that has component outs you still can watch it. Hope this helps?
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    If you've your own home, I'd advocate strongly in favor of a whole house unit installed at the meter or the breaker. It's cost effective as it'll protect your entire home, superior to point of use systems, and you can always add a modest unit to provide redundancy as well as dealing with little power glitches.

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