1. I've read that the key to getting the best PQ on digital displays (DLP, LCD, LCoS, Plasma) is to insure that you're using a DVI cable and getting 1x1 Pixel Mapping.

    I'm guessing this means knowing the native resolution of your display and then getting a DVD player that can hit that resolution exactly to avoid multiple scaling.

    Since most fixed pixel displays run at 720 or 1080, my first thought was you'd have to get a upscaling DVD player.

    But this brings us back full circle: which device has the best scaler (just like the old X prog player vs. Y HDTV experiments).

    One exception might be a dedicated non-HD Plasma EDTV running off a standard DVI prog DVD player for HT only.

    No HD, but you would get DVI + 1x1 Pixel Mapping without any scaling.
  2. I guess the real 'gotcha' is if you get a fixed pixel display with a non-standard native resolution: then every video source has to be internally scaled no matter what.

    Noticed at BB recently that some EDTVs were 838x640, while others were 853x640 (my best recall).

    If guess if you were going to try for 1x1 Pixel Mapping with no scaling, then you'd have to determine if these resolutions were standard or not (unless only the 2nd number matters).

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