How Should Studios Approach Blu-Ray Releases in Regards to Extras?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Daniel Lee, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Seems we are seeing a wide variety of content on Blu-ray releases from the various studios... Some are movie only. Some contain some of the original DVD extras, others all of them. Still others have a mix of new and old features. Some are standard definition and some are high definition.

    What if a really big title came out without any of the original bonus features but instead simlpy had a nifty new HD bonus feature...perhaps java? Think Star Wars, Pirates, Matrix etc. Would you care? Would you buy?

    What do you feel is proper? What do you expect to get for your hard earned cash?
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    Hd-dvd got it just right with their releases. These discs come with all the extras, if not more, that the regular dvds came with when they were released.

    Lord of War for example. The dvd comes with all kinds of extras when the bluray comes only with.. What?
    Something like nothing. (can´t remember really)

    The point is that I expect the both of the groups that support their formats to treat their releases just as if it was a dvd release.

    I don´t HAVE to have more extras just because it´s a new format, but just don´t drop extras just like in the case with Lord of War.

    The studios supporting only hd-dvd got it right, studios supporting only blu-ray didn´t.

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