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How should I be connecting my system? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 15, 2001
I have owned HT components for a number of years now, but the newer setups (particularly ARC) have me confused about how exactly I should be wiring my stuff together.

I have a newer (about 1.5 year old) 4k TV with an HDMI port labeled ARC. I also have a receiver (also with ARC port) and 4k player about the same age. Right now, everything (disc player, 4k cable box, Nintendo switch) is going through the receiver, with a single output to the TV. I also have the TV send back audio to the receiver via optical cable (for watching media through widgets on the TV).

I watch different media on different devices due to lip sync issues (a whole 'nother story). Is this the best setup? Should I be wiring everything through the TV instead and using the ARC channel to pump the audit back to the receiver? I read somewhere that TVs cannot (not sure why) pass 5.1 audio through the ARC port, but that some do anyway. Is the optical good enough? Can I still wire everything through the TV?

The main reason that I am asking this question is that I think I am wasting my money upgrading the receiver just so that I can pass 4k signals along. I have an otherwise perfectly good receiver that I no longer use because I wanted 4k everything. I'd like to avoid doing this in the future (I think the receiver could last 10+ years as long as I am not interested in the latest Dolby/DTS codecs) when I upgrade to an OLED/8k/HDMI 2.1 component set in the next few years. Maybe this isn't possible, as I see eARC on its way, which looks like it might address a lot of the setup questions.

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