How much of the sound signal goes to each channel in 5.1/7.1?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Philip____S, Jun 4, 2003.

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    In a 5.1 and 7.1 system, how much sound would go to the various channels during standard movie playback? Specifically, what percentage of the signal is routed to the center, l/r, and surrounds? Would it be something like the following:
    Center - 60%
    L/R - 25%
    Surround/Surround Back - 15%
    Thanks in advance.
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    It will really vary depending on the movie.

    Dialogue driven movies will make extensive use of the CC, moderate to lighter use of the fronts (pans and music) and little use of the surrounds.

    Action movies will give your speakers a greater overall workout. Once again, cc for dialogue, but fronts and surrounds will be used for pans (bullets whizzing by and all that jazz) and effects.

    Of all the speakers, the CC is most heavily used (as you have guessed), and I wouldn't discount the fronts, especially if you like to listen to music.

    Surrounds can probably make a huge difference between a system that sounds good and one that sounds great (envelopment and all that) -- that said, however, I'd worry about those speakers the least.

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