How much must I spend for good DVD player.

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  1. Harley

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    Aug 11, 2001
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    I'm currently waiting on the Outlaw 950/770 and before it gets here I would like to purchase an all-around DVD player.

    Is it possible to get one for under $1000 that does what everyone looks for in a player? (I would like to spend a lot less than a grand but if that's what it takes.......)

    Around Christmas time I will be purchasing (hopefully) HDTV.

    My short list is, DVD's probably 80-90% of the time, CDs the rest, I would like to explore DVD-A or SACD, I've read many threads and it is very confusing trying to sort out which features are necessary, so I guess if there's a player you know about that is pretty much the player to have for under $1000 please suggest.

    Also if there is a player coming out within the next few months that might have features you would wait for please include those as well.

  2. Brian Corr

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    May 10, 1999
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    Panasonic RP-91 which is out now and can be had for around 5 bills. (DVD-A only)

    Denon 3800 which is due out in the next 1-3 months and lists for $1200 but should be available for under a grand. (DVD-A only)

    Pioneer 49tx out now and I believe available for $800-$1000. Only player to do both SACD and DVD-A that I know of.

    All are progressive scan.
  3. Alex Prosak

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    Dec 9, 2001
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    Check out the new Denon DVD-1600, it won't do SACD but it does do DVD-A. It also has the Sage/Farjouda deinterlacing chip, and a memory buffer to help reduce layer changes. I've also read somewhere that it doesn't have the chroma bug, but I can't confirm this. It retails for about $550.


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