How much HDTV content is on DirectTV?

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    I'm making the plunge into DSS and HDTV both at the same time and need some advice. Due to trees, Dish Network is apparently not an option so I'm stuck with DirecTV.
    I actually don't watch much TV except for DVDs, the Simpsons, and some prime time programming, so I'm trying to figure out which package to get. Normally the Total Choice package would be fine as I normally wouldn't watch HBO, but I understand that HBO carries some HDTV content so I don't want to shoot myself in the foot. Is anybody blown away by the amount of HDTV content that you can get via HBO? If not, I probably won't get it as it costs $20 more.
    I also see that I can order HDTV movies via pay per view, but as far as I can tell, there's only about one HDTV movie availble each month via pay-per-view.
    Any sugestions? I'm mostly interested in HDTV for the local broadcasts such as the superbowl, etc.
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    There is only HBO and a PPV/Demo channel. HBO is prety good. A decent amount of HD material and most of it looks really good. They have an entire channel dedicated to HD They crop most of their 2.35:1 movies though.
    Dishnetwork does have Showtime as well, but thats it
    C. Ryan

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