How much equipment have you been through and what is staying

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  1. John Tompkins

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    Aug 30, 2000
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    Im interested to see what equipment people are going to keep permanently and what is just temporary and what they have been through..In the last year or so,, no longer then that for me or it would be FREAKISHLY long goes my processors list:
    denon 3801,Adcom gtp-830, onkyo 797,rotel 995 {stereo}
    and now denon 4802 which could go tommorow or possible stay for no longer then a year. Oh yea bottle head kit too
    AMPS, rotel 985, rotel rb993, 2 sherwood am9080s, McCormack dna-1 deluxe, sherbourn 5/1500 old bridgeable version, Parasound 1201a mono, carver 4.0T, HK pa5800. I have a parasound 2205 on the way, hopefully that will be my permanent amp.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    SPEAKERS, well not that many here except swaped out my rear superones for vs 2.4. NHT 2.9, ac2 permanent.
    DVD sony 350 and now the Panny rp-56, temporary until 800.00 dvd audio/sacd player hit the markit.
    TV todhiba 46 inch, sony xbr 36 inch, it left and was replaced by mits.55 will stay at least 5 years.
    SUBS..will keep my SVS 20-39s permanently control rialto, gone and will probably get Behringer or art351 but not yet[​IMG] Radio shack cables and home depot speaker cable will probably stay...
    CD/SACD sony 555es,sony 775 and ah!tjoeb 99..currently dont have anything..trying to decide
  2. RAF

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    Jul 3, 1997
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    Interesting Question. Let's see... Off the top of my head (and by no means complete)
    Definite keepers (for the long haul):
    Stewart StudioTek 130 motorized screen (16:9 110" diagonal)
    SVS 16-46PC Subwoofer
    3 Marantz MA700 monoblocks (now in front soundstage -L-C-R- but might be moved to surround duty if whatever amp I get to replace the ones in my Denon 5700 are better.) Good amps are "forever" in some role.
    B&O Beogram 4002 linear turntable
    SONY 7000 DVD player (upstairs, not in main HT - but you can't kill this landmark workhorse.)
    SONY 9000ES DVD/SACD player - I suspect it will also become product that lasts forever. Very rugged.
    Poineer LD8000 industrial Strength LD Player - probably the most rugged (and hardest to use!) model they ever made (another "tank.")
    My M&K 150 speakers. I'll probably dry out before they do [​IMG] and I can't see myself upgrading these any further. The do the job and I don't see myself getting rid of them soon. I'll probably keep my M&K 350 sub, too, since it is filling in nicely between the main speakers and the SVS.
    My Nakamichi BX300 Cassette Deck. Why buy something else? I don't use it, but it's there.
    My SONY Beta ED deck. Same thing.
    Radio City Music Hall Chairs. 'Nuff said.
    Most everything up changes with the seasons. I don't think my RP91 is rough enough to last forever and everything else (satellite receivers, S-VCRs, DVD/CD/LD players, etc.) become obsolete (at least in the main viewing room) as they either break down or are replaced with newer models.
    My Pioneer Elite Pro-75 RPM has worked flawlessly for 12 years(!!!) and shows no sign of slowing down for "regular" TV use. My Denon 5700 will shortly remove itself from pre/pro duty when the Outlaw 950 takes over. Shortly thereafter it finds a new home with one of my kids and some new amps hit the racks (to be determined).
    One last item (the crown jewel of the HT): My Sony VW10HT - originally I gave it a lifespan of maybe 5 years before I moved on to something newer in the same price range. Now I'm not so sure. Two years into its life cycle it is still performing like a champ. ZERO problems. Haven't even had to change the bulb yet even though I have a spare waiting. Amazing. I guess my daughter waits a little longer than I first thought for this hand me down. What's next... 3 chip DLP?? Something not even out there yet??
    The nature of this game. We're all having fun, right?
  3. John Tompkins

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    Aug 30, 2000
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    RAF, can I be your adopted son ? [​IMG]
  4. Phil M

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    Sep 2, 1999
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    I too would like to know what's on people's definate "keeper" list as well as what products they know are interim only.

    For me,


    Paradigm Servo 15

    Replay 3060

    JVC 7600 SVHS VCR

    Pioneer 626D DVD player

    Denon LA-2300 & AVD 2000

    Interim (that I know will someday go):

    Paradigm Studio 40 v.2's

    HK AVR 320 (just to upgrade though it's a great piece)


    Rotel RMB 1075

    Paradigm CC center

  5. Gary Thomas

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    Jan 17, 1999
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    Sony 27" to 32" to Toshiba 36"HD to Pioneer Elite 610 (keeper)


    Tosh to Sony to 2 Pioneers to Panasonic 91 to Toshiba 4700. Will be upgrading to Pioneer 47a or Denon 9000.


    Mixed bookshelf / bose to Klipsch Quintet to 7 Missions (keeper)


    Yamaha 795 to 995 to Denon 2800 to Denon 3802. Eventually upgrade to Denon 5803 or Pioneer Elite or separates.


    Dish to Direct to Dish HD6000 to Dish w/ Tivo to Dish PVR. Will upgrade to Dish HD-PVR due out by the end of the year.


    Klipsch 50w to 150w to HSU VTV2 to SVS CS-U w/ Samson 1000 amp (keeper)

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