How much bracing for 1503?

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  1. Greg P

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    Jan 7, 2001
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    Today me and my buddy at my house are starting are sub constuction.

    I am building a sealed 1503 in a 17.5 in cube

    He is building a sealed stryke SAE 1204 in a 14.5 in cube.

    My sub is going to have 1.5 thick walls(3/4 in sandwiched together in a type of lock) that will be biscuit joined together and we are using wood glue and sealing it with silicone caulk


    1. Is one 3/4 in square of mdf with a a 12 in circle cut out good enough bracing or should I use 2 or 3 of these.

    2. Why do some people have such intricate shapes in thier bracing ( Ex. Thomas W. Ariel Stryke 15) ? Is a square sheet with a circle cut out good enough?

  2. Jeff Rosz

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    Sep 24, 2000
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    one thing i learned on this forum, from GM i believe?, is that no panel dimension should be greater than 1 sqft without bracing. so, how bout at least using two braces, one solid horizontal shelf brace perpendicular and attached to the baffle, and one vertical split(less 3/4" in height to account for the intersection with the other brace) parallel with the baffle or vice versa. you have to account for the volume of the added braces to keep your alignment so you may want to adjust the 17.5" cube just slightly larger, up to you. ya circles are easy and ok. you could also use a few 2x2's, even easier.
  3. ThomasW

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    Nov 6, 1999
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    The stiffening braces in the AS-15 are designed that way for a couple of reasons. 1)the lower circle is to support the port. 2) the first few upper circles is to let the woofer 'breathe'.

    An even stiffer design would have been to collapse the big upper circle and use a solid square with 4 smaller holes after the 3rd brace behind the woofer. But I was working within a deadline because the CLIO test gear was only available for a short time. As a result they were all made the same because it was much faster.

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