how much better is an expensive receiver?

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    I would like to know objective advantages that a receiver that costs more than, let's say, 500 dollars has over a receiver that would cost less? For example, assuming both inexpensive and expensive receivers are 100w x 2, 20hz - 20khz, 5.1 decoding, what would be the reasons to buy a more expensive one? Also, what advantage does a THX certified recever have over a non-THX certified receiver? thanks
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    I can give you an example:
    My main Ht has a Yamaha 795A: 110wx5 @1k
    My Bedroom has a Pioneer 509s: [email protected]
    Both have similar features...lots of digital/svideo inputs, but the Pioneer is no where near as loud as my Yammie. Matter of fact..I would say its only Half as loud...and it is in a smaller room!
    The amplifier section makes up some of the cost difference + My yammies sounds a whole lot nicer.
    Dont get me wrong..I like my Pioneer...but it was under 1/2 the price of my Yammie....I got what I paid for
    good luck. Thomas
    So far, So good, So what
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    You need to be aware of the video bandwidth of the receiver switching circuits, particularly if you are using progressive scan or HDTV. (Exception -- if you are connecting all the video equipment directly tot he TV.)
    480i -- Needs 7 MHz.
    480p -- Should have 14 MHz.
    1080i -- Does very well with 22 MHz but could use 37.
    729p -- Should have 37 MHz.
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    Does spending more money mean you get a better product?
    Generaly speaking yes but this is not always the case.
    The majority of the time when you spend more money you
    get a receiver that has a better amplifier section and
    higher quality componentry and more features.
    What does THX mean and what is it's purpose? THX or
    Tom Hollmans eXperiment is a set of features and quality
    control benchmarks that are set in place and evaluated by
    Lucas Films Labs. THX is not a sound processor but rather
    a set of additional features that are added into the
    receiver. Features like Decoralation and Timbre Matching
    and Re-EQ. The THX Certification means that the receiver
    as a whole has been submitted to Lucas Films for evaluation
    where they check the output of the amplifier section to make
    sure it out puts clean sound and has clean processing.
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