How many HD inputs will tv's need in the future?

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    I know most HDTV's have only 2 HD-component inputs, but will this be enough for the immediate future? I know HD-DVD is coming out relatively soon. Will this player simply be able to connect into an HDTV tuner, or will it need to be connected directly to the TV itself? What about DIRECTV? I know many of you use HD signals from you may already know the answer to this question, but does it have to connect directly to the tv as well? Does an HDTV tuner basically function the same as a stereo receiver...with all kinds of junk attached to it? (Sorry, if these are perceived as 'newbie' questions).

    I know there is also the future of DVI's...some tv's already come equipped with them...they're kinda like the old S-Video...viewed as a carry-on, but will eventually be essential.
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    Most current sets come with 2 sets of HD capable inputs. These can be 2 component only or 2 component and 1 DVI or 2 DVI.

    HD set top boxes currently on the market have no provision for plugging other HD sources into them.

    These boxes come in 2 types, those which does local OTA only and those that receive local OTA and Satellite.

    My Tosh box, for example, can tune regular and HD OTA from an antenna as well as regular and HD satellite from DirecTV, so I only need one connection between it and my tv.

    My set has 2 component video inputs, both of which will accept 480i, 480p, 720p, or 1080i. I use one set for my HD-capable DirecTV receiver and the other for my progressive scan dvd player.

    For those who need more, switchboxes are available or one can use an AV receiver with component video switching capability.

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