1. Whenever I'm reading reviews of DVD reissues (like the new Ultimate Bonds), I like to see screenshots of both versions for comparison.

    As I read Blu-ray and HD DVD reviews, I'd like to see the same especially for older titles like Sleepy Hollow.

    I believe I've heard that various laptops are out with both players, but that is an added expense for review sites that already need full-blown reference systems.

    Are there any fan-based web sites that are just posting comparison shots?
  2. Steve Tannehill

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    Jul 6, 1997
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    Steve Tannehill
    The only screen shots I can do are from the digital camera, and that will not do the material justice.

    As for Sleepy Hollow, I'm about to A/B with the DVD on a few select scenes. This is a difficult disc to judge on PQ because it is largely dark and foggy--the cinematography appears to be accurately reflected on the HD DVD, however. The hyper-realistic dream sequences are stunning...there is a little puff of smoke in front of a fireplace that looked like it was in the room with me.

    - Steve
  3. Paul Anthony

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    I've never seen SH before, but watching it on HD-DVD for the very first time is going to be fun! I'll especially be looking for that puff of smoke. [​IMG]
  4. Sam Davatchi

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    Sep 15, 1999
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    It should be simple. It was mentioned here before. (On a PC) Just pause it, take a screenshot of the entire desktop with printscreen and crop the unneeded border in photoshop.

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