How is your Seinfeld trivia ?

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    Depending on how big a Seinfeld fan anyone is, do you know (as I don’t) the correct answers to these Seinfeld show trivia questions below and please say how you know.

    1. How many times a day does Jerry Seinfeld (in the series, not in real life) gargle a day ?
    2. How did the George and Jerry characters in Seinfeld apparently meet and in what circumstances ?
    3. What is the title of the one episode (if there is only one) that George doesn’t appear in?
    4. Name at least 6 things (in seasons 1 - 9) that the Jerry character loses ?
    If you know in which episodes, all the better.
    5. What other role did Michael Richards almost get ? I think it’s Married With Children’s lead role of Al Bundy.
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    I can answer number 2.

    George was climbing the rope in gym class and "the rope kept burning his thighs" and then he fell off and landed on Jerry who was holding the rope

    Number 3

    I belive it was the episode called "The Pen" this was the one where Jerry and Elaine go to Florida to see Morty Seinfeld honored by the condo association. It is the one where Elaine sleeps on the pull out couch and it wrecks her back. She takes too many muscle relaxers and ends up "Drunk" for the event "SSTTTTTEEELLLLLLLAAAAAAA!"

    I'm not sure I fully understand question 4

    I think you are right with question number 5

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