How is X-Box's DVD playback qulaity in comparison to the Playstation 2?

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  1. PouyaG

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    Hey all,
    I ask this question because I'll be having an X-Box delivered to my house today ( [​IMG] ) and as most of you know, without shelling $30 I can't even test the X-Box's DVD playback quality. I have my PS2 hooked up to a 36" WEGA via Monster component cables, and I did buy the HD Pack for the X-Box, as I plan to use component cables for that as well.
    So basically the question is, which is the better DVD player? And if the X-Box does indeed have a better quality picture, is it worth $30?
    Thanks guys!
  2. Brian Girard

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    Dec 28, 1998
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    My choice goes to the Xbox. Granted I haven't compared both side by side. But when I saw the DVD playback on my friends PS2 there was the obvious lip-sync problem along with the branching problems of T2. I know this has been fixed with the remote pack that Sony sells with the updated drivers. But I haven't watched a DVD on his PS2 since he's bought this. As for the Xbox, I purchased the remote a couple days ago, and it works and works rather well. Granted the picture isn't as clean as my Panasonic A105 player. But it's passable.
  3. Scott L

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    Feb 29, 2000
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    This has been discussed before so I'm sure there are people tired of hearing this from me. [​IMG]
    The Xbox is much better than the PS2 for DVD playing on my 32" wega. I use Monster S-vid for the PS2 and the Hi-def pack for the Xbox. There are more artifacts coming from the PS2 so upgrading to component out for the system wouldn't give much better results (at least not the type I'm looking for).
    It is more than worth it to pay $30 to watch DVDs out of your Xbox than your PS2 imo. The PS2 is simply the crummiest DVD player I've ever had (but a pretty good gaming system [​IMG]). That said my old Toshiba SD-1200 still looks better than both of them.
  4. Joseph Young

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    Oct 30, 2001
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    Xbox should be the better DVD player, period.

    The PS2's DVD playback (which I have been grudgingly using for over a year now) has a few problems.

    * Some pretty apparent artifacting, even with supposed 'reference quality' DVDs.

    * Dark or shadowy portions of the movies are blurred and without detail.

    * Refuses to read certain discs.

    If you own a WEGA (like I do), these problems are even more pronounced.


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