How is the Pioneer DV45A strictly as a DVD player?

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    There are a few threads discussing the SACD/DVD AUDIO performance of the DV45A and the 47Ai, but not much if any discussion of their video performance.
    How is the DV45A as a DVD player with no consideration given to it's other formats? How does it compare to the 47Ai in DVD performance? The RP91?
    You get the idea [​IMG] no SACD/DVD AUDIO discussion.
  2. Brian L

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    Its in player letter boxing is very good, and there are not many non-Sony players that can say that.
    This is important if you TV is a 4:3 and lacks any sort of anamorphic squeeze. I replaced a Sony DVD player, and was using a 32" Sony without the squeeze mode. Sony's are known for very good in player letterboxing, and without touching anything (all user controls on TV were at the Sony/Avia derived settings) I thought the picture looked better, cleaner more three dimensional. Of course, that was a purely subjective evaluation, but Sound and Vision did comment in their review about this capability.
    Now, not being satisfied with a 4:3 set, I just got a new Pioneer 533 wide screen. Connecting the player to the TV via component outputs, and using the players progressive mode, I have been knocked out be the picture this player and TV provide. Once the display is properly tweaked (true of ANY TV, by the way), and prepare to be blown away.
    Detail, colors, blacks.....I am not finding any flaws in the performance of this player.
    There will be those that will not even touch this player because it has the dreaded croma bug. Personally, I have read the description of this flaw over at the Secrets of HT site, and still do not see what they are talking about (probably a GOOD thing, IMHO!) with normal program material.
    For me, this flaw is way over blown. I guess for those that are able to see it, its a show stopper. I am glad I don't fit into that category......yet.
    And hey, the SACD and DVD-A performace is pretty good too[​IMG]
  3. Bryce Miner

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    Aug 2, 2002
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    I have this and the RP-91. Running component of course on an ISF Mitsubish 65807. I added the pioneer because of SACD and Bass mangement for dvd-a and sacd. (yes, no time alignment)

    Setting up the Pioneer only differed on black level (brightness) by raising one click in the user menu on the pioneer compared to the Panny. I like the deinterlacer better on the pioneer for poorly flagged and video based material. For mainstream movies they are neck and neck. Yes Chroma Bug, I've watched a few famous scenes on this issue going back and forth. If I didn't have the panny as a reference I would of not noticed anything. Its a small issue. The pioneer has a differen overall appearance too. It seems more defined. Again, I mainly use it for Audio.

    Any scenes you want me to watch and evaluate?

    I have the 45a

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