How is Sears Delivery? + many other questions

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    I will be taking delivery tomorrow of my new (insert WEGA KV-32FV26 here). There are several questions I have since this is the first time I've ever taken delivery of something like this.
    1. What do I need to do once the delivery guys get here? I've heard of people taking photos of the box/etc. as a record in case something happens (if the box is damaged) with the TV in the first thirty days.
    2. What should I expect?
    3. What preparations should I have made? I have already cleaned up my room and will be moving the old Maggotvox (Magnavox) out of here tonight. Unfortunately, I was not able to pick up the stand the day I ordered the TV so I won't be able to have the stand up when they arrive (and Sears doesn't provide a pre-built stand as an option).
    4. How is Sears' delivery time? Are they prompt? How long will I have to wait for them to deliver my TV during the block of time scheduled for it?
    5. After delivery, I know I should disable SVM, red push, and adjust the black level retention in the service menu. What else should I do as far as tweaking goes?
    6. And finally, what kind of review are you guys looking for? [​IMG]
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    Sears delivered my 53" rptv in Oct of 99. It arrived in the box, both box and set were in perfect condition, and the delivery guys could not have been more professional. They did not leave until until the set was up and running with no apparent defects. They arrived well within the delivery window, and even moved my old set (a 200lb 35" Sony) into an adjacent room to put the new set where it needed to go. My overall experience with the delivery was nothing but positive.
    The only problem I percieve is that you don't have the stand ready yet.
    I'd suggest you have them move it into the same area where it will eventually go, and hook it up to make sure it's working. You will need at least one friend or helper to get it up on the stand once the stand is ready--Sonys are very heavy.
    I would do a user-menu calibration with Avia and live with it for a few days before delving into the service menu. BTW, on this set you do not have to go into the service menu to turn off svm, it can be set to low, high, or off in the user menu.
    Steve S.
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