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How is Audio (and video) of new Pearl Jam Madison Square DVD? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 31, 1997
I know there have been threads in the past on the just-released Madison Square Garden concert, but those were more announcement-type threads. I'm interested in a review.

See, I'm a fan of PJ's from the 90's, and I have been to a few concerts, and I always thought Ament's bass was well-represented. However with the slew of "bootleg/official" live releases, with the 5-6 that I bought, the bass I found severely lacking.

For the record, I'm a "flatliner"-I don't adjust bass/treble on my NAD T762. I have what could be called a mid-fi or, if you stretch it, a low-end hi-fi system that represents good recordings very well. On a lot of other live DVDs I have (DMB @ Folsom field, James Taylor @ Beacon, John Mayer) the bass - by this I mean specifically the bass guitar - is well represented. I don't mean overpowering, just present and clearly driving the music, much as it does in concert.

In the few live Pearl Jam recordings I have purchased, Ament's bass has been as non-present as Metallica's first four albums. :D Okay that's an overstatement, but you get what I mean.

So my question is: how is the bass...and the overall sound quality of the Madison Square Garden concert DVD?

For pic quality: I hear it's 16x9, how's the picture look?

Thanks in advance for your comments/reviews.

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