How hard is it to remove the protective screen on Tosh 43H70?

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  1. Harold A

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    Dec 16, 2000
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    I see a ton of posts on removing the screens from all their floor models but not from this one. Is it possible to do?
    Also is there really a difference between the screens on the H70 vs the HX70?
  2. JohnnyG

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    Dec 18, 2000
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    It's a piece of cake. Just remove the 13 screws holding on the speaker grilles and the screen itself. Now remove the 4 screws at the bottom of the screen (that were behing the speaker grilles). Be careful that the screen doesn't fall off on it's own.
    Now just put the screen assembly flat on the floor and remove all the screws holding the brackets that hold the screen in place. If you are going to remove the protective screen completely (instead of moving it to the back of the stack), use some foam strips to make up the space between the other 2 screens and the brackets. Otherwise it'll sag and flop around pretty badly.
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