How does the copyright protection work for receivers and home theatres?

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    I've read a few things about copy protection with these new HDMI cables and am confused about it. If I get HD cable or satelite and a recorder will I be able to burn shows to a DVD and watch it on my tv? What if I record shows and want to use the upconversion feature, will it work? What exactly should I be aware of as far as the copy protection detracting from my ability to watch tv or movies?
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    Nobody knows for certain (yet) what it's going to be. The new DRM specs are .. well, new indeed and not fully explored.
    Main characteristic seems to be: versatile, "programmable" (on a specific DVD-release basis) and potentially extensive.

    However, during the first year(s ?) most of the more stringent options will not be used, as they will confuse the consumer.

    So the basic message seems to be: they want you to play the discs you legally bought. They want you to view the programs you subscribed to in your home. You will generally meet few restrictions on that.

    But copying content, or recording it for later use, be it your personal use or a more illegal version, may get increasingly difficult.


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