How do *You* use AVIA or VE to calibrate?

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    What is the [​IMG] proper[​IMG] way to calibrate your sound? Do you set your preamp/receiver at a certain -db level then bring your speaker levels up to meet 75db or 85db or whatever you choose?
    Or do you leave the mains set at 0 and bring the master volume up so that you get a 75db reading and adjust the center and surrounds accordingly?
    If you use the first method, what is your preamp/receiver setting below reference? Second, what decibel level do you calibrate to?
    Also, I notice that VE comes with a blue filter to perform the display calibration with but Avia does not.... How does Avia calibrate using the SMPTI (sp?) color pattern?
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    Neil Joseph
    I use the master volume to set the main (front) speakers to 75dB and leave it there. From that point on, I adjust the centre, surround, and sub levels to achieve the 75dB point. Keep in mind, you have to compensate for the meter's innaccuracy at measuring very low frequencies.
    AVIA actually comes with a blue filter, plus 2 other coloured filters.

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