How do you tell what is the correct reference audio?

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    I raise this question in light of the recent discussions regarding "The Phantom Menace" audio and the pumped bass of U571 and The Haunting. Can anyone say definatively which version is absolutely correct?
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    Well playback levels calibrated are:
    105db SPL full output each chanel at max level tone (0db), main channels.
    115db SPL full output each chanel at max level tone (0db), LFE.
    This is the level you get when you dial your system with Video Essentials test tones, and a SPL meter. When you dial each tone to 75db spl, you now have a system calibrated to the above levels.
    That is "ref" level. Note, this is not a specific position on the volume dial, or a specific number. It is a measure of OUTPUT, measure in SPL with a meter. On some receivers, this will be at -13, one some it will be with the knob at noon position... it doesn't matter.
    Ref level is a measure of output. 105db SPL/ 115 db spl is the measured spec.
    As far as what is "right" or "wrong" on the discs you mention- it all a matter of educated guesses. U-571, I have discussed in depth as to why I think the DTS bass is mastered 4db high.
    At ref level position, most titles should have their dialog level at about the same level (if dialog norm was used properly, all titles would have the same dialog level at ref level). If you find yourself raising your system higher for a particular title, chances are there was an error somewhere- most likely in the mixing stage.
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